Anime Adventure Codes: November 2022( Updated)

Anime Adventures is a Roblox game that lets you live out your dreams and try to save the world with characters from different anime. As you complete the different challenges, you can find new allies and get them to help you fight waves of dangerous enemies.

But getting these can take a while because you have to buy them with Gems. This guide can help you do that. You can use Anime Adventures codes to get free gems that you can then spend in the Summon shop.

In the shop, you can choose which rare character you want to buy and take on your adventures. So, the more gems you have, the more allies you can have and the more enemies you can beat.

All Anime Adventures Codes

Code Reward Active/Expired
KARAKORA Free gems Active (NEW CODE)
CLOVER2 Free gems Active (NEW CODE)
CLOVER Free gems Active
CURSE2 Free gems Active
CURSE Free gems Active
ANDROID Free Legendary Unit! Active
FAIRY2 Free gems Active
FAIRY Free gems Active
SERVERFIX Free gems and gold Active
HUNTER Free gems Active
QUESTFIX Free gems Active
HOLLOW Free gems Active
MUGENTRAIN Free gems Active
GHOUL Free gems Active
subtomaokuma Free Summon Ticket Active
TWOMILLION Free gems Active
TOADBOIGAMING Free Summon Ticket Active
SubToKelvingts Free Summon Ticket Active
SubToBlamspot Free Summon Ticket Active
FictioNTheFirst Free Summon Ticket Active
KingLuffy Free Summon Ticket Active
Cursed Free Summon Ticket Active
noclypso Free Summon Ticket Active
FIRSTRAIDS Free Gems Expired
MARINEFORD Free Gems Expired
DATAFIX Free Gems Expired
RELEASE 50 free gems Expired

Look at these codes! Make sure you use the right capital letters, numbers, and punctuation when you type them in.

How to Use Anime Adventures Codes?

  • Enter the main hub in Neo Tokyo
  • Walk to the large CODES sign
  • Walk into the glowing circle
  • Enter the code, hit redeem, and enjoy!

If your code doesn't work, it could be because you typed it in wrong or because it has already been used. Make sure to copy and paste the code from our list above exactly as it is. If the code has already ended, you'll need to check back soon to see if anything else has been added.

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What Are the Codes for Anime Adventures?

Anime Adventure Codes

Anime Adventures codes are free gifts from Gomu that can be traded in for gems (which can be used to buy upgrades and other unique things in the game) and Summon Tickets (this is how you get your hands on more powerful towers in Anime Adventures). Usually, new codes are released along with new updates.

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How Do I Participate in Anime Adventures Raids?

Raids in Anime Adventures open at different times of the day, so you'll have to keep an eye out for them as you play. You can't just walk in whenever you want to.