Animated Movies You Should Watch With Your Kids

We have all grown up watching lively, animated films with our siblings and parents. I still fondly remember my childhood days, when I would wake up to the sounds of chirping birds, sprint downstairs, and gather my family to tell them about the movie that I had chosen to watch with them that day. We would all go out and buy the DVD of that particular film, make ourselves warm, scrumptious popcorn, and get ourselves sodas that would refresh our souls.

The kids of today are quite lucky and fortunate as they do not have to worry about spending countless hours choosing the best-animated film nor do they have to go from shop to shop searching for the perfect DVD. They can simply stream these films using streaming services or they can watch their favorite movies on their television set. Both options are equally good.

We know that some people might disagree with us and tell us that streaming services are way better than cable TV. Well, let us tell you a little secret, several prominent cable providers have started making this entire film viewing experience quite simple and convenient for their customers. A very relevant example, in this case, would be rcn en vivo. This provider blesses you with 284 exclusive TV channels including Disney Junior, Hallmark, and more. Not only this, you can enjoy SHOWTIME® and The Movie Channel or STARZ® for a year!

So convey this good news to your children and start planning that exciting movie night. But hey, don’t forget to subscribe to this provider because you would not want to disappoint them. With that being said, listed below are some of the finest animated movies of all time. So grab a pack of chips, settle down and keep reading.

Finding Nemo

We are sure you have watched this movie thrice if not twice, however you can still put it on for your kids. We promise you they would love seeing the marine life from another perspective. Not only is Finding Nemo a fun movie, but it also has a very important message for the kids who tend to misbehave with their parents and don’t listen to whatever instructions they give.

The film follows Nemo, a baby fish that is kidnapped from the Barrier Reef and ends up in Sydney after a long journey. His father, Marlin, a clownfish, is concerned about his son's well-being and travels in search of him with the assistance of an absent-minded fish called Dory.

They both set off on a voyage to securely return Nemo to his family. Will they be able to complete the task? Is Nemo going to finally get the message? You will have to see this movie to find out.

Monster Inc.

If you want to watch a movie that is both thrilling and interesting, then we would recommend you add this animated film to your watch list. Not only will this film bring a smile to your face, but it will also provide you with endless entertainment.

Mike and Sully's witty banter had us in fits of laughter. Every sequence in which we get to meet Boo is fantastic. We often forget that the child is an animated figure rather than a real child since she is so adorable.

Mike and Sully are the top scarers at Monsters, Inc., and the film follows their lives. The movie revolves around a human girl from the real world who joins the world of monsters after which everyone’s lives turn upside down. What will they do if they have to hide that girl, and how will they deal with her adorable infantile antics? Watch the film with your entire family and savor every moment of it.


Watching this film is an adventure in itself. It makes you consider things you have never given much attention to before. We must also acknowledge that we have attempted to recreate the dish numerous times but have failed terribly. Is it possible to recruit a cook like Remy?

Remy is a rat who wants to be one of France's best chefs. But, as expected, he fails each time, revealing that humans are not yet ready to accept rats. To be honest, they loathe living amongst humans, yet they will most likely eat the food he prepares. As a result, when he meets Alfredo by chance, he devises a scheme, and the two of them create one of the most delicious meals anyone has ever had in France.

Inside Out

This family film features one of Pixar's most inventive storylines—get ready for an emotional roller coaster! Disgust, Joy, and Sadness, to name a few, are the main characters in this beautiful film, and they join her on an unexpected relocation from the Midwest to the West Coast. The whole family will enjoy this film! It is clever, charming, and laugh-out-loud amusing!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Burton's Claymation masterwork is a charming Halloween–Christmas hybrid that demands to be seen several times as October approaches. In this amusing tale of discovery, Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, has had enough of Halloween's frightening hijinks.

Wrapping up

It is always a therapeutic activity to watch a fun animated film with your parents and siblings. It draws you closer together and allows you to bond. This is why we have compiled a list of the finest movies to watch with your kids without being bored.