Andy Dick Net Worth 2022: His Personal Life ,career and Many More!

He is an American comedian, actor, musician, and television and film, producer. On the short-lived but significant Ben Stiller Show, he had his first regular television role.

In the mid-1990s, he appeared on NBC's NewsRadio for a long time and played a supporting role in the television series Less than Perfect.

His own show, The Andy Dick Show, aired on MTV for a short time. He has been on several Comedy Central Roasts and other shows and is known for his eccentric conduct.

In addition to his eccentricities, he has been the subject of multiple claims of sexual misconduct and has been arrested on several occasions for narcotics possession.

Early Life

Andrew Thomlinson was born in Charleston, South Carolina, on December 21, 1965. Allen and Sue Dick adopted Andrew right after he was born and reared him in a Presbyterian family. At the time Andy was a little child, his father was in the US Navy, and the family moved around a lot.

Andrew was raised in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York, and Yugoslavia as a child. His ancestors eventually made Chicago their permanent home.

Andy Dick developed a passion for theatre in high school and appeared in several of the school's musicals as a lead actor. Andrew completed his high school education in 1984, the year he was crowned homecoming king.

He formed a close friendship with actor Anthony Rapp, who went on to become a well-known actor in his own right.

At the Second City improvisational theatrical troupe in Chicago, Andy Dick was accepted after graduating from high school. There is no doubt that Second City is a world-renowned and prominent comedic theatrical company.

At Illinois Wesleyan University, Andy studied while concurrently taking classes at Second City, and then transferred to Columbia College Chicago to complete his degree.

Additionally, Dick was able to make connections with the iO Theater collective in Chicago while attending university.

Students at iO are well-versed in improvisational comedy because of the school's famed improv comedy program.


Andy Dick Net Worth

In 1992, Andy Dick made his big-time acting debut as a cast member on the short-lived The Ben Stiller Show. In 1993, the program finished its run. Dick made his feature film debut in Double Dragon, a film based on a computer game.

When he appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman, he had another significant moment. Andy appeared on an episode of The Nanny in 1994. After that, he landed a role in the television adaptation of getting Smart before landing a position on NBC's Go Fish series.

On the NBC comedy NewsRadio, Andy Dick was cast in a regular role in 1995. The show's Matthew Brock was a memorable part for him. Ratings for NewsRadio were always a touch low despite the fact that it was well-received.

Because of this, the show was canceled in 1999. Andy Dick made a comeback in 1997 with a role in Bongwater, a film co-starring Luke Wilson and Jack Black. Dick landed a job in Inspector Gadget the next year, in 1999.

Andy Dick's Net Worth

Andy Dick Net Worth

In the United States, Andy Dick is a well-known actor and comedian with an estimated net worth of $300,000. Even though Andy Dick is a controversial character, he has become one of the best-known comedians of the contemporary period.

Andy Dick has a history of making news for less than honorable reasons outside of his comedic work. Drug addiction, incarceration, sexual misconduct charges, and more have plagued him throughout his career.

You can count on Andy Dick's antics to be wild and unusual whether he's on camera or on stage.


One statement by Andy Dick stated that he had gone to rehab 20 times for drug-related concerns. He's now a proponent of sober housing. David Strickland committed suicide in 1999 after a night out with Andy Dick. In the same year, he was also charged with narcotics possession, DUI, and hit-and-run.

This happened in 2008 when he was arrested on sexual violence charges for pulling down a 17-year-old girl's top and exposing her breasts.

Following an incident at a pub when two women reported him for inappropriate touching, police detained him on suspicion of sexual assault in 2010.

In 2018, he was detained for a second time for touching another individual, this time on allegations of sexual abuse.

Personal Life

Andy Dick Net Worth

In an episode of VH1's Sober House 1, Andy Dick came out as bisexual. In a 2006 interview with the Washington Post, he also indicated that he was bisexual.

Real Estate

A $733,000 home in Woodland Hills, California, was acquired by Andy Dick in 2008, according to reports. Approximately 15,000 square feet of land surrounds the almost 2,500-square-foot house.

Andy Dick also owns two plots of undeveloped land in Topanga Canyon, according to property records. They cover an area of around 80 acres when taken as a whole.

Andy Dick was said to be residing in a shed in 2012, according to media reports. An estimated $3,500 was spent on Andy's shed, which is located in a bohemian area known as Topanga Canyon. 3

After the actor moved in, he undertook a massive renovation, spending $5,000 on artwork and other decorative items. His ex-housewives are just a few steps away from the shed. Also, his ex-trailer girlfriend is just a short walk away.