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Andrew Davila Dating: How Serious is His Relationship With Lexi Rivera?

As a member of Brent Rivera's Amp Squad, Andrew Davila is a well-known Tiktok, Instagram, and Youtube personality. He formerly worked at Sunset Park, where he produced videos in collaboration with the Stoke Twins and other artists.

Davila has gained fame for its name-brand YouTube channel since the middle of the 2010s, and it currently has approximately 3 million subscribers. He is frequently mentioned or viewed for his weird video titles, which range from coating his entire body in bees to making out with the mothers of his friends to playing practical jokes on other YouTubers to even working with some of them, including Lexi Rivera and Brent Rivera.

How Serious is Andrew Davila's Relationship With Lexi Rivera?

During an interview with Awesomeness TV in April 2020, he admitted that he had never seriously dated anyone. Although he has been linked to the more popular Youtuber Lexi Rivera, who has 8 million subscribers, 20 million TikTok followers, and 8.3 million Instagram followers, this has only increased in the past few years. The Rivera sisters are related; she is Brent's sister.

Fans of the rumored couple claim that they went public with their relationship when Lexi uploaded a video to YouTube titled “My Ex Meets My New Boyfriend.”

In the clip, Rivera plays a joke on her ex-boyfriend Ben by making him think she's secretly dating her coworker Andrew.

Despite this, neither member of the purported duo has publicly confirmed their relationship. As far back as April of 2022, Amp Squad released a video alleging that Lexi and Andrew were an item.

True, occasionally social media posts from both Lexi and Davila will highlight the fact that the two are more than just online pals and work together frequently.

In an old Instagram story, Davila asks Lexi if she wants the kiss, and she answers yes, but then Andrew gives her the middle finger, hinting it was all in good fun.

They still have a tonne of evidence, in the shape of images, TikToks, and shorts, that suggests they might already be an item. There has been no shortage of speculation, but what has been lacking is a definitive confirmation from either side.

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Prior to dating Ben Azelart, another YouTuber, Lexi dated another. Since they were in their early to mid-teens, they had been an item.

Andrew Davila Early Life

On June 26, 2000, Andrew Davila entered the world. In the United States of America, he began life in Texas. As of the year 2022, he is currently 22 years old.

Andrew has been mysterious about his family history, therefore we don't know much about his parents and siblings. Davila, on the other hand, is an American citizen of Caucasian descent.

Davila also has a younger brother and a younger sister, although they haven't been publicly identified as of yet. He has not disclosed any information regarding his academic history. On the other hand, he may be responsible for his age and attending university.

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Andrew Davila Career Highlights

Andrew has a large following on the web. During the month of March 2017, he signed up for Instagram. His photographs and humor videos have garnered him millions of views and fans. As of this writing, he has amassed a 2.6 million-strong fan base.

andrew davila girlfriend

In addition to his Instagram account, he also maintains a self-titled YouTube channel. Since its inception in August 2014, the channel's subscriber count has increased to over 2.38 million.

In addition, he is an active contributor to the collaborative channel Sunset Park, which he co-founded and manages with a group of close friends. They share different kinds of information regarding their experiences living in LA. Other contributors to the channel include Alan Stokes, Sam Dezz, Coby Persin, Okaymoe, and Ethan Bradberry.

Since its debut on YouTube on February 24, 2017, the channel has amassed over 112,000 subscribers. Furthermore, he is popular on TikTok and Twitter, where he has amassed a total of 6.9 million and 29.5 thousand fans, respectively.

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The influencer has also collaborated with other Instagram celebrities including Ben Azelart, Lexi Rivera, and Caleb Burton to produce social media content.

andrew davila girlfriend

Andrew Davila Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Have?

The name Andrew Davila is synonymous with being an influential figure on social media. So far, he has accomplished so much in his professional life.

Through the course of his profession, Andrew has amassed a respectable fortune. His fortune is roughly $1,000,000, according to estimates.

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