Ancient Kingdom: About, Story, Earn Money | Latest Info!

Ancient Kingdom raised $3,600,000 in a private investment round and partnered with DAO Maker.

Themoonwalker, Yacht, R9 Capital, Aussie Capital, Anypad Venture, 6K, Gains VC, Vendetta Capital, Exnetwork Capital, and others have invested in the Ancient Kingdom.

The ancient Kingdom is already a great game to play with its first martial arts video game and blockchain-based real-time gaming platform. Because of this, VCs are flocking to the Ancient Kingdom, a unique nonfungible token (NFT)/blockchain project that stands out among the crowd.

Thanks to the team's strategic partners and advisors, Ancient Kingdom will become the best game for entertainment and a great income platform in the future.

In the era of the metaverse, Defi, GameFi, and blockchain technology, we are recreating an iconic swordplay game that millions of people grew up with. A thorough long-term strategy will be implemented to defend investor, trader, and player interests,” said Ancient Kingdom CEO Tracy.

A surprising increase in NFTs over the last few years. International crypto and gaming communities are increasingly using NFTs and their accompanying ecosystems. Games based on blockchain gain a new economic layer.

It is now possible to play video games and earn cash. Like other blockchain assets, NFTs appreciate in value with community growth. The ancient Kingdom seeks to transcend existing game paradigms by extending centralized and decentralized transaction links and removing barriers.

Player time and effort are rewarded in the Ancient Kingdom gaming paradigm. Participants in an ecosystem can use NFTs (one-of-a-kind virtual products). Facility governance establishes goals such as Hold, Build, and Control.

The Ancient Kingdom's governance token is designated DOM. Everyone can earn while playing in the Ancient Kingdom. Token prices rise gradually due to the mechanism that enhances holding efficiency.

As a result, Ancient Kingdom has carefully teamed with some of the industry's best investors to maximize the NFTs platform's potential. With their wide talents, the team collaborates with investors to maximize global expansion and exponential growth.

Ancient Kingdom
Ancient Kingdom

The ancient Kingdom will be able to scale its personnel, establish major development resources, and expand its global influence thanks to the generous assistance of our great backers!

Ancient Kingdom

Ancient Kingdom is the first ancient martial arts game to be developed on the blockchain platform, and it is the first game to be developed in real-time on the blockchain platform.

Players can skip deep maps, train with manned power, and find the pinnacle of renown and resources in Ancient Kingdom, which helps to further develop that fantastic system even further.

When discovered, rich cases that have been tagged can be mined, refined, and exchanged through a network of company mining facilities, processing factories, and the global marketplace once they have been identified.

Ancient Kingdom NFTs will be released in November 2021, with a full smart contract audit completed by Certik, one of the world's leading blockchain security businesses, in an effort to promote the NFT-based gaming sector and financial inclusion and to make decentralized finance more prominent and broadly accepted across industries.

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The Binance Smart Chain-based Ancient Kingdom metaverse provides NFTs, income, and a gripping backstory.

The Story of the Game

Simulating the ancient world is a lot of fun with The Ancient Kingdom, a game where we can actually do things better. In the dystopian environment of the Ancient Kingdom, people strive to better themselves.

The Zhongshan tribe and the half-beast race are introduced in the context of the Three Kingdoms. Kings from throughout the world put aside their differences and banded together to confront the half-beasts.

It was in the end that they were able to expel the Zhongshan tribe as well as half-beasts and reclaim their lost country.

Three professions and six individuals make up the bulk of the game's structure. Warrior, which is built on a powerful body, is a new feature. To combat BOSS and PK, it's better suited. PKs, meat shields, and vanguards can all benefit from the increased survivability of powerful warriors.

Ancient Kingdom
Ancient Kingdom

PvP battles are fought by warriors in order to acquire rare things and level up. GOLD and KING tokens can be earned in the in-game market. Before sending their heroes into battle, players can also outfit their heroes with GOLD tokens.

Players in the Ancient Kingdom can use NFTs to equip weapons and handle them in the same way they would their own strategies. DOM tokens, the product of their labor, are the reward for their efforts.

It's a terrific opportunity to solve the world's issues, and the more DOM you create, the better you are in the Ancient Kingdom. Gaining in-game GOLD tokens increases your DOM tokens available for trade, which in turn increases your portfolio's real-world earnings.

The Earn-to-Play Model

There is a unique system in place in the ancient Kingdom that allows for the exchange or sale of crypto tokens and NFTs. Even though not all games offer the same financial incentives, every blockchain asset increases in value if the user base increases significantly, including the DOM token.

In the actual world, DOM is a governance token with real-world economic policy consequences. As a result of this control, gamers will be able to influence Ancient Kingdom's development staff.

After then, the game will go through a period of development and balance, during which time decision-making will be centralized and could last for 2-3 years. Once centralization ceases, holders will be able to influence game economics, asset delivery schedules, game direction, and other development decisions.

Farm DOM/GOLD, NFT stakes, and marketplace payments are all examples of use cases that can benefit from stakes. The goals of faction governance are to Occupy, Hold, Build, and Control the faction as a whole.

Staking DOM and passing a vote is essential to their goals, yet there are only a limited number of spots available. In the target area, each target generates a faction-wide boost. Large-scale projects can be more easily implemented with the help of faction governance. The completion of a project grants the faction access to new airdrops and missions.

Security audits are becoming increasingly necessary as a result of an uptick in hostile hacker attempts in recent months. Although Certik has already examined Ancient Kingdom NFTs, other prominent audit companies will be sought out to aid gamers or traders safeguard their assets and keep them safe from any potential hacks or fraud.