Amy Slaton and Michael Divorce: A Sad End to a Once-Happy Marriage!

Mom of two Amy Slaton of 1000-Lb Sisters fame is reportedly divorcing her husband Michael Halterman. They got married in 2019, and now they have two boys. It appears like the reality star is eager to put the past behind her and move on rapidly.

What is the current status of Amy and Michael? Find out where things stand with the TV couple's divorce and what their viewers are saying about the announcement of their separation in the following article.

Amy Slaton and Michael's Divorce May Surprise Longtime Fans

When watching 1000-Lb Sisters on TLC, viewers not only witnessed Amy's weight loss journey but also got a glimpse into her personal life.

According to her surgeon, Dr. Charles Procter, Jr., “When I first met Amy, over two years ago, she weighed over 400 pounds, and one of her aspirations in life, not just to be married, was to have a baby, and at that point in time, it was impossible for her.” This was expressed in 2022.

Amy Slaton and Michael Divorce

Amy lost a significant amount of weight after her bariatric surgery, reportedly going from 400 to 275 pounds. She and Michael, who met in high school, got married and had a son, Gage, in 2020. By 2022, they welcomed another child, Glenn.

The U.S. Sun reports that Amy and her husband are getting a divorce despite the fact that she previously gushed about her spouse and how he supported her no matter what — or how much — she weighed. Fans are naturally curious about the current status of the two former leads.

The Reason for Their Divorce Could Be Their Different Parenting Styles

Amy reportedly seeks a divorce from Michael in March 2023, just days after she celebrated her baby Glenn's eighth-month milestone. It appears that the problem began with their becoming parents.

Amy claims Michael is lethargic and has been resentful of her attention to the children, a source stated to the outlet. The source added that the reality couple has “been having trouble since last year.”

Although Michael is not keen on having the kids appear in the upcoming fourth season of 1000-Lb Sisters, another “source” claims that Amy is. They've reportedly been at one other's throats for months.

Fans of Amy Slaton Have Much to Say About Her Alleged Divorce From Michael

Fans are curious about Amy and Michael's relationship despite the fact that she hasn't yet filed for divorce. As one fan commented on the celebrity's most recent Instagram image, “Definitely a plus for your appearance. Can I ask if you and Mike are still together?”

Other people were eager to offer her advice and thoughts on her divorce, with one saying, “You need to keep the house and make him relocate!”

Those with sharp eyes also noticed that she didn't mention Michael in her dedication to Glenn, instead writing, “Happy 8 months baby mama, and gauge and everyone love you baby!!!! ” beneath a series of photos of her little son.

“It says a lot that she chose to name herself and Gage and leave Michael off,” said one devoted follower.

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