Among Us VR Release Date Announced and It’s Coming Soon!

Among Us is one of the most popular games in recent memory. Now, Innersloth has announced the long-rumored VR mode to make killing your friends more immersive than ever. Among Us was one of the biggest surprises of the last 10 years.

It took the gaming world by storm and changed the way people play multiplayer games. It became a weekly thing to trick and kill your friends, especially when we were all stuck at home. After it became popular in 2020, Among Us led to a number of games and modes that were similar.

Fortnite even released a mode called “Imposter Mode,” which was heavily based on the formula Innersloth came up with. Fans have been asking for the game to come to VR through all of its success. Thank goodness, their wishes came true at The Game Awards 2021.

Among Us VR Trailers

During the award show, an initial trailer dropped announcing that Among Us is getting a VR overhaul, letting players experience the game from a first-person perspective. The short clip showed a crewmate manually completing a task, before being snuck up on by a devious imposter.

Among Us VR Reveal Trailer

A second trailer arrived on April 20, showcasing 90 seconds of proper Among Us VR gameplay. From completing tasks to stalking prey, this footage gave our first real look at how the game functions in VR.

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Among Us VR Gameplay Trailer

Among Us VR Feature Details Trailer

The third Among Us VR dropped in June, and it gave fans another glimpse at what the first-person gameplay will look like. Most notable, it showed off some familiar and new tasks that players will have to complete on the Skeld, as well as the meetings between rounds.

Among Us VR Gameplay

In a blog post, developers Innersloth revealed that Among Us VR will feature the Skeld, the original map that helped shoot the game into mainstream popularity. To make full use of the VR hardware, the ship will be realized in 3D.

The same format that fans know and love will be used. This time, though, the emergency meetings will happen in person instead of behind a chat screen. Tasks will be the same for long-time players, but the new view will add a new layer of interactivity.

Among Us VR: Release Date

And, of course, betrayals will feel even worse when you look your target in the eye before killing them. Schell Games, which is best known for I Expect You To Die, worked on the new version.

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In a press release, CEO Jesse Schell said, “There's a lot to like about Among Us, and this partnership is a perfect match between the original game's huge success and the virtual reality ecosystem's growth.”

Among Us VR Platforms

Since Among Us VR is being made for both Steam VR and Meta Quest 2, players will be able to play it on different platforms. At first, it was also said that there would be a port for PlayStation VR, but that version has since gone away.

Among Us VR: Release Date

It's very likely that development moved to the PS VR2, which we'll be hearing more about soon. It's important to note that Among Us VR won't work with the original game and will be sold as a separate game.

When Will Among Us VR Come Out?

The official release date for Among Us VR is Thursday, November 10. This comes almost a year after it was first shown and more than four years after the first game came out. As Among Us VR gets closer, we'll be sure to post all the latest news here.