Amanda Seyfried Kids: What You Need to Know About Her Children With Thomas Sadoski

Although Amanda Seyfried is an A-list actress, not much is known about her family life. Mean Girls, Dear John, and Mank actor Amanda Seyfried is a wife and mother to two with her husband, Mank co-star Thomas Sadoski.

After more than a year together, Seyfried and Sadoski tied the knot in March 2017. During the production of their off-Broadway play The Way We Get Back in 2015, they finally connected. Both of them were in the 2016 movie The Last Word. Their relationship became public knowledge in March 2016.

After breaking up with their respective partners a year prior, Seyfried and Sadoski finally found love the following year. Seyfried and Justin Long broke up in the fall of 2015, and Sadoski and Kimberly Hope got a divorce in October 2015, after being married for eight years.

Seyfried discussed meeting Sadoski while they were both in relationships with other people in a 2018 interview with Porter Edit. We both had toxic partners, and it was horrible for us. Never once did [Thomas] disrespect his wife or engage in any kind of flirtation with another woman. That's why I was sure we'd be able to get married down the road,” she reflected.

Seyfried said their relationship was “freeing” when they started dating again after their breakups. “That was incredible. It was wholesome, liberating, and fresh. She then added, “There is no shame in telling this narrative.”

Information on Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski's children follows.

Sadoski, Nina Seyfried

In March 2017, Seyfried and Sadoski became parents to a girl named Nina. When Seyfried wed Sadoski in March 2017, she was nine months along in her pregnancy with their daughter Nina. We tied the knot last March in Topanga. Seyfried remarked to Porter Edit in 2018 that “it was just the two of us.”

amanda seyfried kids

The couple skipped the reception in favor of brunch at a local Los Angeles restaurant called Cheebo, which was roughly 25 miles from the ceremony. And then I said, “Can we just go to Cheebo?” after that. She gushed, “It was fantastic.”

Seyfried discussed her experience of having a baby so soon after her wedding in the interview. I wished I could wear my rings in the hospital. And what if things don't go as planned and he's not technically my husband?” she said. Speaking to the magazine, Seyfried said, “I certainly want more babies.” It might be as many as three. Or maybe even four? Is that a question with a “five” or “or”?

In 2019, Seyfried told People that she and Sadoski “happened” to become parents. “It was a total fluke,” she explained of her pregnancy. As the saying goes, “If it happens to you, you make it work.”

Sadoski, Thomas Seyfried

In September 2020, Seyfried and Sadoski were the proud parents of a son they named Thomas. In an Instagram post, they involved INARA and War Child USA to verify the news. The pair stated in a statement, “Since the birth of our daughter three years ago, our commitment to the innocent children that are so brutally affected by violence and war has been a driving force in our lives.” Our family's focus has shifted from ourselves to INARA and War Child since the birth of our baby.


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 Seyfried told People in 2019 that she was unsure if she wanted another child at the time. She expressed her desire to conceive again but her reluctance to start a family again just now. I'm looking forward to having some time to myself with a new baby once my daughter has started school. However, preparation is a nightmare.

In addition, in August 2020, Seyfried discussed what it was like to have her mother and her family under the same roof with Mother's Table. My mother is our full-time nanny, and she also happens to live with us. She's like a third parent to me, and that makes my life so much better.

She proclaimed, “I know I am so lucky. My kid wakes up and either join us in bed or heads down the hall. It's perfect if we're still asleep because then she can visit my mum. “She's an early riser.”

She elaborated, “These days, my morning routine consists of me getting up, walking downstairs, drinking coffee, and hanging out with my daughter before Tommy feeds [the animals]. What's more, you know what? To this day, we've managed to keep our family unit together. My wife and I are even more committed to one another than before.