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All The Among Us Characters! Who Are They?

The Among Us characters are, well, among the most iconic in all of gaming. These crewmates of a starship gone off the deep end are as intriguing as they are curiously adorable, and their infinite wardrobe of unusual and insane cosmetics makes them all the more unforgettable.

There are currently a total of 12 different crew members to pick from, each with their own unique color. However, let's be honest and confess that your ultimate goal in the greatest mobile multiplayer games is to appear cool.

Thanks to the abundance of Among Us skins, hats, and pets, you can truly make your character your own. You may easily personalize your crewmate by matching your avatar's color to their clothes and becoming creative.

Among Us, fashion does exist, and with this handy guide, you'll be able to dress like any of the characters from the series in no time.

Who Are the Among Us Characters?

A mysterious and deadly imposter has infiltrated the spaceship where the protagonists in Among Us are stationed. Spacesuits and small backpacks are worn by humanoid beings with a portly appearance. Our best assumption is that it holds some sort of oxygen tank, but we can't be sure.

They can do anything the ship's captain asks of them because there is no clear hierarchy or specialization among the crew.

Provided the imposter doesn’t kill them, that is. There is currently no definitive backstory for the characters in the Among Us, although that could change when new maps and upgrades are released.

What Are the Characters Called?

The name of your character in Among Us is up to you. Prior to the start of a new round, you can easily change your name.

Simply go to the ‘Online' menu, click on ‘Enter Name', and change your current title to something new and intriguing. You can't alter your name throughout a round because this would open the door to all kinds of confusion.

Here’s a Full List of All The 12 Characters


The most popular character in the game's audience is the red Among Us character. It's also possible that Innersloth's use of red as the Impostor in its game-promoting content has contributed to the ‘sus' perception of the red figure in Among Us.

Another issue is that individuals associate the color red with danger, causing them to become hypervigilant. When sabotage or a dead corpse is reported, Among Us shows red notifications, reinforcing the idea that red is always scary.

Among Us Characters

Based on the promotional material given by Innersloth thus far, Red may be the genuine Impostor in the game's official mythology.

Keep in mind that the roles of crew members and imposters are given at random, so don't make assumptions based on their color.


There's no doubt that the blue Among Us figure is among the most mundane and unremarkable. Blue is a master at appearing perfectly ordinary. He only appears in Among Us Logic episodes 7 and 13.



Green has appeared as an impostor in a promotional poster for Among Us. Green, White, and Orange are all listed as teammates in the game's How to Play section.

Among Us Characters

After seeing Red, the typical suspect, emerge from one of the spaceship's vents, the three of them convene an emergency meeting. Most players don't use Green very much.


The pink Among Us character may be portrayed as harmless by other players, as we connect pink with anything besides murder. For the duration of the game, no one will suspect pink of being an assassin.


Orange appears to be simply another member of the crew, although he is very close with Green and Cyan. After an emergency meeting is called by a crewmate, he and Green appear in the “Discuss!” icon.

Additionally, Orange is represented as being held hostage by an impostor who uses door sabotage. The Impostor afterward kills them.


Icons of the yellow Among Us characters are displayed on the Admin map in order to hide the identities of players. Yellow was also included in an ad for Among Us pets, along with a robot and a Mini crewmate, at some point.

Among Us Characters

In a Christmas promotional poster, Yellow is seen donning an elf hat and soaring through the air on a jetpack. On pages 6 and 7 of How to Play, he appears as a dead youngster.


Another one of the Among Us characters connected with mischief is the black one, as black is seen as a foreboding hue. The vent and sabotage icons are both colored black, which was originally referred to as “Gray” in the game.

Advertisements and the How to play section of Among Us frequently feature this character as “The Impostor.”


The character of Brown isn't particularly well-liked; according to the popularity rankings, he comes in at number 11. The lack of Brown's presence in promotional material is possibly due to this. Promotional material frequently shows Victoria Tran as Brown with a Dum sticky note on her forehead.

Among Us Characters

Brown's demeanor can range from cordial to threatening, depending on how he's feeling at the time.


The in-game announcement icon features the White Among Us character, who is holding a megaphone and is delivering a message to the gamers. When White is portrayed in the “How to Play” section beside Purple, repairing a nuclear meltdown, reinforces the color's association with innocence.

Additionally, White was the first to use the game's new redrawn art design.


At least three promotional photographs have shown Purple, and he's usually one of the more obscure members of the crew. Purple has been shown in advertising materials for Among Us as a dead body, an innocent fixer, and a suspect.

An advertising graphic for the Vanteline's day portrays Purple as a dead body, while Lime appears as an impostor from one of the spaceship's ventilation systems.


Among Us Characters

When it comes to promotional materials, Cyan is a go-to choice. All three characters show in a family photo on your wallet when you swipe an ID card. Cyan is substantially smaller than Orange and Green, suggesting that Cyan Among Us is a youngster or younger sibling.


When the Lime Among Us character is not the imposter, they appear to quit the game in a rage. Lime is the game's least-used hue, appearing just twice in all of the game's promotional content.

Because of a subsequent game update that added the color Lime, the fake Crewmates in Freeplay cannot become that hue.

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