Who is Aliza Jane? Instagram Model Accusing Kanye West

A model who calls herself Aliza Jane claims that she twerked naked in front of Kanye West and Future. She made this allegation in a recent Instagram post. The woman, who has a private Instagram account and goes by @sheagreekfreak, recently made an appearance on the ‘Sofia with an F' podcast, where she asserted the incredible allegation.

According to Jane, she met the 45-year-old singer of “All of the Lights” in Miami, and after that, he traveled to Los Angeles. After their encounter, he left for California. However, after West was back in Miami, he phoned her and asked her to meet him at Future's house. She agreed to do so.

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“That night, I met him, got his number, and then the next time he was in Miami, he was like, ‘come over to Future's place like we're in the studio.” According to reports, she disclosed this information about herself on the podcast. “So I go there pulling up, cause like they're in the studio I want to see them produce music and I want to show him my songs,” she said.

Jane continued her explanation by saying, “He basically makes me come into the studio and go butt a** naked and just like twerk in front of him and all of his pals.” After saying, “He was working on his album Donda 2 so like it was loud and I didn't want to be like…just want to be a fly on the wall,” the speaker continued, “He says, ‘go nude,' and I was like fine,” before adding: “He was working on his album Donda 2 so like it was loud.”

However, the model has not shown any evidence to back up the assertions that she is making. In addition, neither West nor the camp of the 38-year-old “WAIT FOR U” singer has issued a statement on this matter as of yet.

On the other hand, many individuals on the internet have a lot to comment on Jane's words. A user left a remark underneath a snippet of the podcast that was posted on Instagram.

The whole episode of the podcast may be viewed on Sofia Franklyn's YouTube channel. “Embarrassing. I, for one, do not believe a word that comes out of her lips. According to a different user, “This episode was quite humiliating. Pick me girl energy. Like a free stripper for fame?? Idk.” The third person commented, saying, “This makes me quite uneasy.”

Someone who was critical of her wrote: “When you have no self-esteem and daddy problems so being passed around celebs is a plus that you can't keep your mouth closed,” which was one of the criticisms that were leveled against her.

However, the second individual appeared to be her fan since they stated, “I loveeeee u! And she with all candour.”

One person asked another, “You wanted them to listen to your music… so you went nude and twerked in front of him and his friends???????????” The individual looked to be astonished as they asked the question.

One remark read, “That's like placing a fish in water and telling it to swim #YouWantedToTwerkYouBop.” #YouWantedToTwerkYouBop. In yet another mocking remark, the speaker said, “And she still isn't renowned.”

One person said, “This is very terrible….What exactly does this do for her in all honesty? Fifteen seconds of influence, and then what? Another person said, “I don't know, I guess I have more self-respect than that.

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To make a man appreciate you, that ain't the way, sis. I'm not trying to slut shame you or anything like that. One of the comments that were made in her favor noted, “Smh she feels so successful.. least she's honest, however.” A message was added that said, “Wow, the things you do for clout.”

In addition, tweets and other social media platforms were flooded with responses to Jane's charges. An individual commented, “She performed what they paid her for.” I have no doubt that she was compensated more for her nude performance.

If not, then she is going to get paid right away! Nxt tale, if you please!” A further person tweeted, “Money talk..” “yeah but did her pockets become fatter? am going to think yep,” a further tweet stated.