Alien vs Aliens: Which is Better? Let’s Find Out

Do you like movies full of thrillers and action? If yes, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will compare two of the best action movies in the Hollywood Industry. Two of the best movies of the 20th century, which had some chest-bursting actions in them. Both the movies were directed by two of the best directors and had a competition between them in every aspect. So by setting an age-old argument once again, let’s start, Alien vs Aliens: which is better?

Alien vs Aliens: The Characters

Alien introduced us to the Ragtag crew of Nostromo- one of the best crews in history. In this movie, we’re introduced to one of the best actors in the world, like Tom Skerrit, who headed the group, and John hurt one of the anonymous characters of the movie. However, the jewel in the crown of Alien was the macho jumpsuit of Sigourney Weaver's Ellen Louise Ripley. These characters awarded us with some of the best actions of that time.

Alien vs. Aliens

Aliens were full of acting talent and 80’s action stereotypes. Jenette Goldstein played the spunky Vasquez – a character that seems like Ripley feminine, there was the standout performance from Bill Paxton, who played the role of chatterbox Hudson, and it is the series we met Lance Henricksen as the stoic android Bishop.

Nostromo was the best, but with some of the best characters like Ripley, Hudson and bishop, The Aliens can be termed the best among the Characters. 

Alien vs Aliens: The Plot

In the Alien, we were introduced to Nostromo’s who were trying to explore a dark world in space. It doesn’t take time to bring an alien menace on the board, someone’s chest cavity to be ripped open, and a xenomorph to tear a ship with his acid blood and two mouths. A great fear developed among the citizens that who would survive the unstoppable killing machine.

In the Aliens, we came across a mission that was carried out by Ripley with a team of marines to rescue a hapless colony. Unfortunately, the mission turned out to become a tragedy with a lot of bloodshed, gunfires, and Xenomorphs.

So, after looking at both the plots, it was concluded that the Alien was planned with a good plot. 

Alien vs Aliens: The Horror

Scott effectively invented a horror genre in the movie with a lot of sci-fi scenes. The Xenomorphs spent 90% of the movies in the shadows and had given a horror look to the movie. In the movie, Kane’s death can be termed as one of the horror moments. 

In terms of horror, we do get the glorious scene of Ripley's nightmare where she bursts her own little Xeno in the labs at Weyland-Yutani. A horror was still bubbling under the surface, and it took up to an hour until anyone actually fired a shot. And the aliens were definitely more on the action spectrum.

So in terms of horror, we can term alien to be the best, because The Aliens was mostly based on action.

Wrapping up

So, at last, we can conclude that both the movies were full of horror, thriller and some of the best action moves. I would advise you to see both the movies once and conclude your own opinion about a better one. In both of the movies, both the directors tried to picturise the human world with the aliens. 

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