Alice in Borderland Season 3 Release Date: Everything We Know So Far!

Since its 2020 debut on Netflix, the anime adaptation of Haro Aso's manga Alice in Borderland has been a huge success. The second season of Alice in Borderland, which tells the narrative of a group of imprisoned survivors who must play deadly games to stay alive, has just been released & it brings with it the promise of resolution to the series' intriguing premise.

Season 2 of Alice in Borderland revealed previously hidden information about the show's competitors & Borderlands itself & added several powerful new bosses. With only one cliffhanger left on our small screens at the end of the final episode of the Netflix series, many fans were left to fret about the show's fate.

Yet, its “happy ending” following the defeat of the Queen of Hearts looked relatively conclusive story-wise. Below, we discuss the possibility of a third season of Alice in Borderland, as well as some ideas for the show's plot.

Alice in Borderland Season 3 Release Date: When's it on?

There have been rumors that a third season of Alice in Borderland is in the works, but there has been no official word on whether or not the show would continue for a third season. Naturally, we keep our hope because there is so much more tale to uncover.

Although both seasons premiered in December, fans had to wait just over two years between them. However, that does not necessarily mean we should mark our calendars for Christmas 2024.

Considering that Season 2 took two years to make (in part because of the epidemic), Season 3 may potentially premiere on the streaming service as early as December 2023.

We may be stretching the definition of “early” here, but a year is still quite a while in the film industry & if you want truly jaw-dropping production values, you shouldn't rush things.

The problem is that at the end of season two, it appeared that every question had been answered: we learned why Arisu & her pals had vanished for so long, why the city was so strangely empty & why they were constantly confronted by psychotic card sharks.

Alice in Borderland Season 3 Release Date

Still, there was that kook in the closing frame. Can we think of the hospital as just *another* layer of reality? The complexity of this world exceeds the capacity of our puny human brains.

Let's take a look at Who will be coming back in Alice in Borderland Season 3? Niragi (Dori Sakurada) & Aguni (Shô Aoyagi), two characters we thought had been killed at the end of season one of Alice in Borderland, made an unexpected return in season two.

Despite being severely injured, they survived season two & will likely return for season 3. When it comes to Tatta, you can't make the same claim. It's safe to assume that Yutaro Watanabe's character won't be making a comeback from the grave, given that he was buried halfway through the season.

To be with us for another season & presumably more, Arisu & Usagi have endured explosions, stab wounds & other near-death experiences. The characters played by Aya Asahina, Nijirô Murakami & Ayaka Miyoshi—Kuina, Chishiya & Ann, respectively—also struggled to cross the finish line, so we may anticipate their return as well.

In an interview with Nextshark, Mira Kano's Riisa Naka discussed the possibility of her character's return in season 3. After spending the first season as a high-ranking member of “the Beach,” it was revealed that she was actually the Queen of Hearts, the final opponent of Arisu & Usagi in the Borderlands.

What can we expect from season 3 of Alice in Wonderland? It looks like next season is going to be a real eye-opener for Arisu & the co. Although they appeared to have entered what is commonly referred to as “the real world” in the season finale, the joker card reveals that they are actually nowhere near it. The potential for additional allusions to Alice in Wonderland is vast.

So, what could a third season bring?

It's possible that the entire competition is taking place in a virtual reality setting, similar to the one Arisu experienced in the season finale. While under the influence of that hallucination, Arisu mistakenly believed that he had been admitted to a mental institution & that the entire series of games he had been playing was a product of his own imagination.

With Usagi's help, he was able to escape that mental snare, but they might have fallen into another had they decided not to move into the game. By doing so, players risk being sucked into a new game before they realize what's happening & are forced to escape.

That's going to be tough for a team that has no recollection of the games or their previous interactions with each other. As players get to the face card level, the cards become progressively more challenging, intense & severe; this raises the Joker to the position of the perhaps cruelest card in the deck.

If it lives up to the label “joker,” the gamemasters will continue to use Arisu & his bruised crew as pawns in a series of sinister tricks & manipulations. The current face-card gamemasters, who were revealed to be ex-gamers turned “citizens,” were eliminated as a result of Arisu & the co's triumphs.

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