Alexandra Daddario Shares Pregnancy News, Envisions Preschool Pal Playdates with Margot Robbie’s Child

Alexandra Daddario told fans about the arrival of her first child and for this she also got a photoshoot done for the magazine.

Looks like it's kids season! The Internet learned of Margo Robbie's pregnancy just three days ago, and ‘The White Lotus' actress Alexandra Daddario revealed the news of her first child with her husband, filmmaker Andrew Form, to ‘Vogue' magazine.

After keeping it a secret for six months, wearing baggy clothes and posting cropped out photos on social media, the ‘Percy Jackson & The Olympians' star is finally ready to talk about it.

Alexander shared his good news with pictures on Instagram. She wrote, “Excited for my child to go to pre-school with Margot Robbie and hailey bieber’s kids.” Both Margot and Hailey are also currently pregnant.

In this emotional interview, Daddario told Vogue that she knew it could take time for people to notice, and “I didn't want to have to hide the news of my baby, and someone would picture me eating a bagel at a bodega. Take it and print it.”

She was recently filming the second season of AMC's ‘Mayfair Witches' in New Orleans, and her co-stars quickly realized she was having a lot of morning confusion. He did not want the news of this to spread, but he understood that if his employees came to know about this, they could get some benefits.

Her previous pregnancy loss

The actress spoke openly about her first miscarriage. Despite being happy, she could not allow herself to feel it for a long time, because she was afraid that something would go wrong. He declined to go into further detail about the abortion.

“Those kinds of losses and trauma are very hard to explain unless you’ve been through them. I really relate to all the women who have been through those kinds of things in a way that I didn’t understand fully before. It’s very, very painful.”

To become a mother, she received motherly advice on Reddit, from where she got information about prenatal yoga and its benefits.

When she got the news of pregnancy, she was happy but she also had many complications. Work became a special medium of meditation for him, which saved him from every thought while sitting at home. Now they are ready to become mothers, leaving behind belly-hiding shirts and moving towards cute maternity clothes.

Alexandra Daddario Shares Pregnancy News, Envisions Preschool Pal Playdates with Margot Robbie's Child

Congratulations on becoming a mother!

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