Alexandra Daddario Boyfriend : Dating History To Everything We Know!

Alexandra Daddario has been a professional actress for about two decades. Her acting in nearly two dozen films and television programmes has gained her millions of fans throughout the world. The 34-year-old is open about her childhood, work, and early years, but she has been reticent to talk about her personal life with the public.

Her followers, on the other hand, are always fascinated about her partners and relationships. Daddario has dated a few men in Hollywood throughout the years, but she is not dating anyone as of early 2020.

In the past, the actress was engaged to actor Logan Lerman. She had short-term romances with Zac Effron, Brendan Wallace, and Ari Melber, among others. Let's take a closer look at her romantic relationships and dating history.

Logan Lerman, Her Percy Jackson Co-star, Proposed to Her.

The love tale of Alexandra Daddario and Logan Lerman reads like a screenplay. They initially met while filming Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief for their separate roles. Logan was in love at first sight, according to a Wattpad storey, but he was too hesitant to reveal his feelings for Alexandra.

Before the audition, Alexandra approached him and asked if he would practise his lines with her. They practised together and were fortunate enough to both be cast in the film, which led to the beginning of their relationship.

Since they began dating, the couple has made numerous public appearances, making them one of the most popular celebrity couples in the early 2010s. Daddario and Lerman were said to have broken up in 2015 after dating for more than five years.

Many online media outlets stated the couple had split up at the time, but none of them confirmed the news.

Meanwhile, according to a report in the Daily Mail, Daddario and Logan Lerman married in 2016. However, there was no additional information on the site about their engagement or relationship.

Daddario Dated Ari Melber, A Television Host.

Daddario began dating American television host and attorney Ari Melber a few years after her romance with Logan Lerman ended. In August 2018, the pair made headlines when they were seen having lunch at Cafe Habana Malibu, a Cuban eatery.

The 38-year-old The Beat host and Daddario enjoyed a steamy kiss in her car shortly after they left the eatery. Many internet news outlets reported at the time that they had been dating covertly for some time.

Daddario and Melber were previously seen together at comedian Richard Lewis' 24th anniversary of sobriety party. The ex-lovers broke up soon after, but they didn't make their breakup public.

Brendan Wallace, an Actor, Is Her Boyfriend.

After her five-year relationship with Lerman ended, Alexandra Daddario stayed alone for a while. Daddario began dating actor Brendan Wallace in 2019, after previously dating British actress Emma Watson. They ignited rumours of a romance after going out together in Los Angeles earlier that year.

Despite the fact that the ex-lovebirds didn't discuss much about their romance, they did make public appearances. The couple made headlines in July 2019 when they went on a vacation to Italy, confirming their romance.

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Daddario and Wallace dined at Pierluigi's restaurant on their trip to Italy. Meanwhile, Daddario and Wallace were reported to be engaged in early August 2019 after the actress flashed a ring on her ring finger.

On a scooter date in Venice Beach, California, the 34-year-old Baywatch star showed her ring.Despite the media attention and romantic outings, the pair has not been seen together since their vacation in Rome. The Rumored Relationship Between Alexandra Daddario and Zac Efron

During the filming of their 2017 picture Baywatch, Alexandra Daddario and Zac Efron became fast friends. The two performers began to appear in public on a regular basis, prompting fans to wonder if they were dating in real life.

However, Daddario, who played Efron's love interest in Baywatch, denied dating him. In a March 2018 interview with People, the 34-year-old actress confessed that she and Efron were simply good friends. “We're pretty good pals,” she continued.

During the promotion of their film Baywatch, Alexandra Daddario and her reported lover Zac Efron were spotted together.

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The notion of a romance between Daddario and Efron began to circulate after the latter took to Instagram on March 16 to wish her a happy 32nd birthday. Later, when the two went shopping together at a pet store in Los Angeles, they fanned the myth.

Meanwhile, the 32-year-old American actor is dating Halston Sage, his Baywatch co-star.