Let’s Explore Alex Jones’s Net Worth in 2022!

Alex Jones Net Worth: Alex Jones is an American political extremist on the far right who also believes in conspiracies. Alex Jones is best known as the host of “The Alex Jones Show,” a radio talk show that is broadcast all over the country from Austin, Texas.

He has written books and sold products on his website worth hundreds of millions of dollars. His products include everything from “brain pills” to survival gear.

What is the Net Worth of Alex Jones?

Jones said he was worth no more than $5 million at his defamation trial in August 2022. At the same trial, a financial forensic expert said that Jones and his companies were worth between $135 and $270 million.

During this trial, it came out that Jones's main company, Infowars, made an average of $53.2 million in gross sales from 2015 to 2022. At this trial, the jury told Alex to pay $49 million to the people he hurt.

Alex Jones Net Worth

In October 2022, a jury in Connecticut told Jones to pay $965 million to a group of Sandy Hook victims who had been hurt by Jones's words. Jones kept telling lies about the Sandy Hook shooting for several years.

He said that the government set up the shooting as a way to limit Americans' access to guns. The Connecticut jury said that Jones told these lies to get more people to visit his website and buy his products. The jury also told Alex to pay the costs of the plaintiff's lawyer.

Between the two rulings, Alex and his companies have been told to pay more than $1 billion in damages. There will soon be a third trial. Due to the state's limits on punitive damages, the $49 million Texas judgment will probably be cut by a lot at some point.

Connecticut doesn't have a limit like this, so if the ruling stands, no one knows what will happen to Alex and his businesses. CelebrityNetWorth says that Alex Jones's net worth is minus $900 million.

Alex Jones: Early Life

Jones was born in Dallas, Texas, on February 11, 1974. He grew up in the nearby town of Rockwell. He was raised in Austin after that. His dad is a dentist, and his mom stays at home and takes care of him.

In 1993, he finished high school at Austin's Anderson High School. He went to Austin Community College after that, but he didn't finish.

Infowars and other Bankruptcies

In November 2021, a court found Jones and his companies guilty of defamation in a case brought by the families of some of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims from 2012.

Three companies that used to be connected to Jones filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in April 2022. At the time of the filing, the three businesses said that his Sandy Hook defamation cases had cost them $10 million in legal fees.

Alex Jones Net Worth

Also, a trust was set up to help people who were suing the different companies get paid, and Jones transferred his ownership in the LLCs to this trust.

Court documents show that Alex gave $750,000 to the trust to pay for legal work related to the Chapter 11 filings, and he planned to give another $2 million at some point.

Alex Jones: Personal Life

From 2007 to 2015, Alex was married to Kelly Jones. There are three of them. Kelly Jones filed for sole custody of their children in 2017 because of her ex-stranged husband's behavior. She said that he was not a stable person, and she was worried about the safety of their children.

Alex Jones Net Worth

His lawyer tried to explain away his actions by saying that he was “playing a character” like a “performance artist.” Jones has always denied that he plays a character on his show. Kelly got full custody, but Jones still gets to see the child.