Things You Should Know About Al-Rawabi School for Girls: Cast, Release Date, Ideation

What is your take on bullying? have you witnessed any bullying scenarios? If you have, what was your plan of action? You must be thinking, why am I asking these questions. I am asking these questions because here I will discuss one Adult series “Al-Rawabi School for Girls“, which is a Middle Eastern high school drama, that you cannot miss.

The narrative of a tormented high school girl who joins a group of misfits to plot the ultimate vengeance on her tormentors is told in “Al-Rawabi School for Girls.”

Tima Shomali and Shirin Kamal collaborated with Islam Al-Shomali to develop and write the six-episode series, which was directed by Shomali.

The program will be shown in 190 countries and in more than 32 languages when it premieres on August 12th. It will also provide audio and textual descriptions for those who are visually impaired.

You will find this series one of the amazing movies and series on teens like Ferris Buller’s Day Off, Control z, Clueless or Trollhunters.

Al-Rawabi School for Girls


What Is Al-Rawabi School for Girls All About?

“Jinn,” an Arabic-language supernatural drama starring Jordanian actors, will be Netflix's second Middle Eastern-language show. It is one of the first Middle Eastern young adult series, according to Netflix's Director of International Originals, Simran Sethi, to recognise women not just on screen but also behind the scenes.

FemaleShow” is a comedy that portrays a young Jordanian couple as they navigate marriage and parenting together. The show has three seasons in total to this time.

The film's writer, director, and producer is Shomali. Netflix's “She Rules” campaign included 30 female producers and social media influencers who campaigned for women's voices so that it is heard on and off-screen, as well as in the workplace. Kamal has written for a number of publications in addition to “FemaleShow.”

As a senior writer for Filmation, she wrote the 2015 series Madame President, about the first female president of Jabalein, a fictional Middle Eastern country.


Do You know it is Netflix Origin?

This is Netflix’s second Arabic Original series, and it has just published its debut teaser ahead of its August 12 launch. Bullied high school student joins misfits to plot perfect vengeance on bullies.

This is a quick introduction to the series and the most recent information. The audience was eagerly awaiting the release of the new seasons of this show. Stay tuned for further information.

The funding comes from Netflix's Fund for Creative Equity, which will see the business invest $20 million per year for the next five years on creating more diverse pipelines behind the camera.

In the Arab East, this entails collaborating with artists like Shomali. It will premiere “Finding Ola” later this year, with Egyptian Tunisian actor Hend Sabry serving as executive producer for the first time in her career.

The streaming behemoth is also committed to giving more female talent a chance to shine. Netflix donated $5 million internationally on International Women's Day earlier this year to initiatives that assist in finding, developing, and placing female talent throughout the world.


What Shomali has to say?

‘As a teenager, I felt the lack of shows that talked about young females at that age,' Shomali previously shared her idea for the new show, admitting it was her ‘long life dream project.' I couldn't find anything that both related to me and entertained me. There is still a scarcity of information aimed towards young people, particularly females, today. That's when the idea for a programme that young girls all across the world could connect to germinate.”

In addition, the Jordanian producer wished to “bring attention to the problems that young women confront in high school.”

“We are extremely proud to partner with Tima again to produce what is essentially the first Middle Eastern young adult series that celebrates the role of women, not only on screen, but behind the scenes as well. The story brings a fresh perspective to Middle Eastern content, and we are absolutely excited to shareAl Rawabi School for Girls with our global audiences in over 190 countries.”

– Simran Sethi, Director of International Originals at Netflix

Let's Know about Tima Shomila

She is a Jordanian comedian, producer, director, and writer. During an interview with the young actress in New York at the Woman in the World Summit, Zainab Salbi dubbed her the “Tina Fey of the Arab world.”

Shomali joined the YouTube programme Bath Bayakha after receiving an MFA in production and screenplay at RSICA, where she was initially recognised for her work as a writer and performer.

She started her own production business, Filmizion Productions, and used it to develop and appear in her first Web series, Femaleshow. The show drew millions of people from all across the area online, resulting in it being broadcast on various TV stations throughout the region. In an interview on CNN with the young filmmaker, Becky Anderson characterised her as a “national phenomenon.”

Shomila's career

Shomali stepped behind the camera in 2015. She began by co-producing a television series called Zain with Saba Mubarak.  After that, she worked as a supervising producer on Zainab Salbi's programme Nida'a.

She was a guest on one of Nida'a's programs , when she candidly discussed the nature of relationships and marriage in the Arab culture.  Shomali returned to the front of the camera when she presented Dardachat, an entertainment chat programme that aired on Al-Emarat Channel in the United Arab Emirates.

Wrapping Up

I know you are all hyped up to watch this show but wait, wait, as the trailer suggests, we have to wait till August 12 to get the show release. After the release, you can happily watch the series on Netflix (I know, all the superb series and movies are on Netflix).

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