Netflix’s Akuma-kun Anime Reveals Trailer, Additional Cast!

The popular manga Akuma Kun (1963) by Shigeru Mizuki is getting a brand new anime adaptation. There are four major initiatives in the works to celebrate Shigeru Mizuki's (who passed away in 2015) centennial of birth.

The new Akuma Kun anime is scheduled to debut on Netflix in 2023, and it is one of the four projects currently under development. A boy genius like Akuma Kun appears in this story just once per 10,000 years.

The ultimate goal of Akuma Kun is to build a utopia free of war and famine. Both devils and the twelve apostles are on his side. Dr. Faust, who predicts the eventual triumph of evil, sets the stage for Akuma Kun's exploits.

Akuma-kun Anime Reveals Trailer, Additional Cast

Dr. Faust is towards the end of his life and can no longer fight the battle on his own, despite his desire to do so. And then a young boy named Shingo Yamada appears, his forehead marked in a peculiar way.

This symbol allows Dr. Faust to recognize Shingo as the one who has been selected to combat the growing evil in the world. Dr. Faust entrusts Shingo with the task, and the less-than-enthusiastic devil Mephisto is called upon to assist the little child. Mephisto and Shingo have made a blood bargain to defend the world from evil.

Akuma-kun Revealed Trailer and Additional Cast

On Saturday, Netflix released a new teaser trailer for the upcoming Akuma Kun anime adaptation and introduced the cast and crew. In Akuma Kun, a young guy and his band of misfit friends set out to change the world so that everyone can fulfill their full potential and live in peace.

This version takes place more than three decades after the original anime and manga series, which aired in 1989–1990. Ichiro Ureki is another brilliant young boy in the novel, and Mephisto III is his partner.

They must now take on the task of vanquishing evil and returning the world to its full potential for humanity. The new adaptation is being directed by “Junichi Satou,” who is recognized for his work on the Aria series, and the Sailor Moon series, and as a co-director on A Whisker Away.

“Fumitoshi Aizaka” is directing the show for the series. A Centaur's Love and Romeo and Juliet are two of Aizaka's most well-known works. Composer “Hiroshi Oonogi,” well known for Season 6 of GeGeGe no Kitaro, is at the helm of this series.

In the previous versions, “Yuko Mita” played Akuma Kun/Shingo. As Neko Musume in the third season of GeGeGe no Kitaro, she has also gained a lot of fans. In the anime version, “Toshio Furukawa,” who played Mephisto II in the original, will reprise his role.

Furukawa will also provide the voice of Mephisto III. Furukawa's portrayal of Nezumi Otoko in Season 6 of GeGeGe no Kitaro, as well as Mephisto II, are both well-received. The main antagonist “Yuki Kaji” will play Akuma Kun/Ichiro Ureki.

Famous for his roles in Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia, he has a wide fan base. SKET Dance has welcomed “Ryoko Shiraishi” to its cast and crew for her role as Akuma Kun's mother, Sanae Kazama.

Known for her work on Yuru Camp, Sanae's daughter Mio Kazama appears in “Unimiri Hanamori” as Uni. As the demon Gremory, “Fairoz Ai” will play the part. Her performance in Chainsaw Man has made her a household name.

There's also Yukiyo Fujii, who plays the client's college student Hina Asanagi. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 is one of her most well-known works. A Centaur's Life, Magical Girl Site creator “Sakae Shibuya” is also serving as the show's Chief Animation Director and Character Designer.

“Yumiko Kuga” (Umibe no Étranger) is the director of art. The Color Key Artist will be “Kunio Tsujita” (Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song), and the Director of Photography will be “Takeo Ogiwara” (Wonder Egg Priority).

“Wataru Osakabe” (the Sarazanmai visual coordinator) is in charge of the Magic Circle Design. Music is composed by “Akio Izutsu” (Phi-Brain – Kami no Puzzle).

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