Age of Rust: Everything you need to know!

Age of Rust, which takes place in the far future of 4424, begins with the somewhat familiar sci-fi premise of a stasis experiment gone wrong on a colony ship. You awaken in a world that is no longer familiar to you, where rogue machines have seized control and progress has all but disappeared.

At this point, there is no more familiarity.

Age of Rust, which combines a post-apocalyptic atmosphere with cyberpunk flair, creates a world and story that are uniquely its own—a grim future in which you must navigate your way through the crumbling ruins of a civilization that has long since vanished.

Combat, stealth, and puzzle mechanics all contribute to the development of an unforgiving environment in which your mind is your most powerful weapon.

Age of Rust is a single-player, first-person adventure game that is steeped in mystery and places a heavy emphasis on solving mind-bending puzzles. It doesn't just tell an engrossing story with stunning graphics; it also provides an entirely new gaming experience that is enhanced by cutting-edge technology.

Age of Rust

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are used in a variety of exciting ways, ranging from bestowing special abilities to unlocking hidden passageways.

In your quest for answers, you'll investigate, examine, and experiment—all while unlocking additional content to enjoy.

In the dystopian world of Age of Rust, you'll face three different types of puzzles that will put your skills and intellect to the test:

  • Adventure progress: advancing the plot of the story (e.g., find a hidden lever to open a door)
  • Crypto puzzles: require a certain amount of blockchain-based inventory and have the ability to issue cryptocurrency rewards 4 BTC and 35,000+ ENJ / NFT bounties are waiting to be discovered.
  • Crypto treasure hunt: The grand goal is concealed behind a series of clues scattered throughout the game, all of which add up to a treasure trove of 20 Bitcoin (BTC) in reward.

Age of Rust will be released in three seasons, with a total of 100 hours of story-driven gameplay in each season. It is expected that the grand prize of 20 BTC will be discovered in the third season, with an additional 4 BTC and 35,000+ other bounties and NFT treasures to be discovered along the way.

The fact that you'll be solving puzzles and earning incredible rewards is just the icing on the cake. Despite the lack of rewards, Age of Rust provides an entertaining gaming experience that can easily stand on its own without the lure of cash and gold.

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Gameplay mechanics such as combat and stealth, combined with NPC interaction, keep the game fresh as you unravel the threads of the story, while blockchain adds to the overall experience by allowing certain tokens to unlock additional gameplay opportunities such as higher-tier puzzles.

Age of Rust, which draws inspiration from games such as Alien Isolation, Myst, and Firewatch, places players in a mysterious setting and leaves them to figure out what is going on. This results in a thoughtful, cerebral, and rewarding gameplay experience that is presented with visuals that are typically found only in AAA big-budget titles.

What are NFTs on Age of Rust?

It is possible to buy, sell, and trade NFTs in Age of Rust's secondary markets. NFTs can provide players with a variety of benefits, ranging from the acquisition of new skills and weapons to the opening up of new worlds and content to explore. Players can gain access to areas of the game they otherwise wouldn't be able to in with the help of special weapons and abilities. NFTs can also be used to make combat easier in the game. As the game progresses and opponents become more difficult, NFT weapons become more useful.

Age of Rust

A pay-to-win game like Age of Rust may appear to be an example of a game where whales have the opportunity to buy their way to the highest rewards (20 BTC). In the alpha stage of development, this was one of the main concerns raised by the developer. Because of this, SpacePirate Games (the game's developer) was aware of this potential problem. Age of Rust's pre-alpha gameplay was more action-adventure oriented, with a greater emphasis on battling enemies for rewards. Until now, Age of Rust had been viewed as a puzzle-solving adventure game with a minor fighting bounty hunting component.

How does play to earn work within Age of Rust?

There is a one-time fee of $14.99 to buy Age of Rust. The first season of Age of Rust can be unlocked with this initial payment. Using the in-game currency rustbits will grant you access to Seasons 2 and 3. Through in-game challenges and puzzles, Rustbits can be earned. Rustbits can be purchased, sold, and traded on marketplaces like OpenSea and Enjin.

Age of Rust

The Enjin token is the primary means of payment in Age of Rust, which is run on the Ethereum blockchain. First, you must create and link your Enjin wallet to your Age of Rust account before you can play the game. The Enjin market is a place where NFTs can be bought and sold. Enjin tokens or BTC are used to pay out cryptocurrency rewards in season 3's treasure hunts.

Completing puzzles, finding treasure, or progressing to new areas in the game is how you earn money in this game. Players receive their rewards in either cryptocurrency (ENJ/BTC) or a limited number of NFTs. In order to progress in the game, NFTs are needed to unlock new story areas, new bounty hunting challenges, and larger treasures.

Over $2 Million in Cryptocurrency Is Up for Grabs in Age of Rust's Digital Treasure Hunt

Currently, players who play the game Age of Rust stand a chance of discovering over 24 Bitcoin (BTC) and 370,000 Enjin Coin (ENJ) hidden within the game in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

In addition, players will be able to discover more than 35,000 NFT gaming items within the high-fidelity 3D world of the game.

Approximately 250,000km2 of explorable terrain and 40 hours of gameplay are included in the game.