After Life Of The Party: Another One in the Bucket of Netflix Movie

Netflix has always loaded us with some remarkable shows to binge-watch that always leave us not just with awe but convey a mark on our consciousness at the same time. With a similar intent, Netflix is back with a supernatural comedy ‘After Life Of The Party'. With the tagline ‘She's got one more chance to fix the life she left in pieces'

What's in the movie!

We all have committed mistakes, some choices we make which led us to the path of murky fortune. Time we lose while trying to grab what's lost. There is no do-over in life, or is there? ‘After Life Of The Party' is gonna take you on a trip into one such possibility.

Cast Of After Life Of The Party

This delightful piece of artwork in the form of motion pictures was shot in Cape Town, South Africa.

It took 14 months to conclude, from October 21, 2020, to December 6, 2020. Filming commenced within a month of announcement about casting Victoria Justice and Midori Francis. We have seen Victoria as Tori Vega, a teen sensation. This role was the best fit for her. As she expressed this in an interview, that she also believed that she was ‘meant to be' for this role.

What is the Plot of After Life Of The Party

Dying on one's own birthday, dark, is Something similar happened to Victoria Justice, a social butterfly who would flunk out of any situation just for the sake of attending another party on the list. But this time, she couldn't as she happened to die after being hungover and tumbled in the bathroom, hitting her head with the toilet seat. The first 1st concern, ‘Is it going viral'. As the movies follow up, she found herself hung in between life and death. She is granted with 5 days to complete what she left unfinished on earth because of the negligent lifestyle she chose to follow.

A second chance to make things right. Her journey is going to bring some charm of the revelation of what and who actually matters in life. She got to meet Val ( Robyn Scott), her temporary guardian angel.

after life of the party

Something to think about!

This movie is setting up an example of what friendship means. Lisa (Midori Francis), her BFF, tried to make her aware of her choices in life but end up in a fight with Victoria. Now with Victoria's second chance in hand Lisa with Val are going to help her not only retrieve the lost but rejuvenate the relationships in her family and with her friends. A film that emphasis on female companionship, that not like other movie is centred around a guy. But truly brings the essence of love and care two friends share between them.

A movie that will make you realise what really matters with every stride in Victoria cognizance. It will leave a mark on the audience, making them wonder about the importance of life.

An interesting Thing About the Movie

The music album of Afterlife holds a treasure as one of its musicals is written by Victoria herself. ‘home' along with co-star Spencer Sutherland.

It was directed by Stephen Herek. The famous director of our favourite movie, 101 Dalmatians. Written by Carrie Freedle and produced by Robyn Snyder and Deborah Evans.

So when it is releasing?

We will be able to witness this comedy delight airing worldwide on Netflix. Mark your calendar for September 2, 2021. A Feature by Stephen Herek has already put his stronghold on the award list, as it won the Narrative and Animated Feature Award by ReFrame Stamp (2021)

Meaning Within the Story

We cannot party all our problems away. 129 mins comedy mixed up with overwhelming insight, I am sure you all don't want to miss out on this much-awaited teen drama. Life is precious to behold and savoured. It's miserable to die with regrets. At the end of this film, you will leave your screen with a mindset of making the best out of everything left.

Wrapping Up

I am sure you must be looking forward to seeing this awe-inspiring production. If you already have, comment below to share your experiences. For a post on more such recommendations and content, you can visit our website. Do like and subscribe.