After 3h35min, Federer leaves Roland Garros – 06/06/2021

Roger Federer has announced that he will not be continuing the tournament at Roland Garros this Sunday. The 39-year-old Swiss withdrew Victory over German Dominic Koyper, Which came in at 3h35min game, which ended this Sunday at 1am.

“After talking to my team, I decided I wanted to retire from Roland Crosse today. After two knee surgeries and more than a year of rehabilitation, listening to my body, I need to take care not to push myself too fast. The path to recovery. There is no better feeling than being on the court, “the tennis player said in a statement.

This is the first time Federer has dropped a slam in the middle. He advanced to the quarterfinals by Italian Matteo Bertini, WO, ranked 9th in the world, without parentheses.

The senior, who withdrew from the circuit at the start of last year and only returned in 2021, underwent two knee surgeries and has not played in the best matches in five-set matches for more than 480 days.

As the curfew was enforced in Paris, during the match against Coyote, which took place in very slow conditions (night and high humidity), Federer's exhaustion was evident from the end of the second set, the duration of which was close to 2 hours. He had a break in the third set, but managed to come back and place in the 16th round.

At the post-match press conference, the Swiss had already pointed out the possibility of withdrawing from the tournament. “We've had this match, we ‘ve researched it well, we'm looking forward to doing the same tonight and tomorrow, because I'll not have a week here if it's the right time to push or relax. [Roland Garros] e [o ATP 500 de] Haley should see what Wimbledon’s best thought is. “

When he arrived at Roland Garros last week, Federer said he had no chance of fighting for the title on clay in Paris, announcing that competing in the French tournament was a preparation for Wimbledon. It is on the British grassroots that the Swiss believe there is a greater chance of winning a trophy in a slam.


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