5 Advantages of Using Drake Software For Tax Returns

Today, various tax preparation software is available in the market that businesses and taxpayers can pick from. When a business picks a tax preparation software, it should always consider some key factors that would help them ease out the overall process and increase productivity. They should opt-in for the software depending upon the size of the business, the features that they get with each software, the availability of customer support, the usability of the features, and mainly the business budget.

Drake Tax Software has been one of the most used tax preparation software around the globe. Most of the CPAs, tax preparers, financial professionals prefer using Drake Hosted Software due to features that make the overall tax preparation process smoother and easier. Below are some of the reasons to use Drake for preparing Tax Returns.

Navigation and Calculation:

Drake Tax Software offers a simple navigation system, which allows the users to quickly review the returns that they are filing or e-filing. It also allows the users to assess the inaccuracies in the calculation of tax returns as the software will alert the users if there is any inaccurate count present. The software provides tips to the users from time to time and also personalized alerts are sent to the users which can help increase efficiency and productivity.

Quick Estimation

Drake Tax Software inspects and reviews all the returns methodically and systematically. The fees and refund of the customer's filing are quickly estimated and also the business is enabled to customize a customer's billing statement. The customers can now easily estimate the loan payment amounts and the accumulating interests thanks to the Amortization feature. This feature can be accessed by navigating to Tools>Amortization. To get the best performance, Drake can be hosted on the cloud with good Desktop as a Service Pricing.

Importing and Exporting

With Drake Tax Software businesses can import various tax-related documents, and tax forms through the transaction of data which streamlines the whole workflow. Some of the forms which are supported are Form 8615, K-1, W-2, Annual balance report, Schedule D, and also the trial balance.


With evolving technology, the business processes also need to modernize. Thanks to Drake Tax Software, the E-Signature capability eradicates manual filling of forms and signatures or stamps for the tax return form. It automatically enables businesses and tax preparers to sign all the tax forms and bank documents and also forms like 8879 consent forms through a digital pad. The e-signature process is trustworthy, impenetrable to tampering, and is securely adhered to the documents.

Data entry and tax preparation

With Drake, businesses get a flexible data entry system that simplifies all the data and decreases keystrokes by providing additive service to all the users. The users can define and lock fields, choose how to enter the data, determine and access online research by browsing research tools and adding tax resource websites through custom internet search tools providing an online knowledge base for all technical problems.

As you see these were some of the reasons to use Drake Tax Software for filing tax returns. Apps4Rent provides reliable migration services Such as Exchange Mailbox Migration with great end-user support and security.