Who is Crystal Denha? Meet Adam Carolla’s Girlfriend!

Adam Carolla, the renowned comedian, podcaster, and television personality, has brought laughter and entertainment to audiences worldwide for many years. While he is famous for his witty humor and candid commentary, fans are also curious about his personal life, especially when it comes to his romantic relationships. In this article, we'll introduce you to Adam Carolla's girlfriend and explore the couple's journey together.

Who Is Adam Carolla's Girlfriend?

After his divorce from wife Lynette Paradise, radio personality and comedian Adam Carolla is rumored to be dating again. After 19 years of marriage, the legendary TV celebrity announced his divorce from Paradise in May 2021.

Adam Carolla's Girlfriend

According to an insider close to the ‘Adam Carolla Show' presenter, he is currently seeing the stunning stand-up comedian Crystal Marie Denha. “They've been together for a few months now,” a source informed Page Six. Adam and Crystal's relationship appears to be going well, but no additional information about their relationship has been divulged.

Who is Crystal Denha?

Denha, who is from Iraq, has become well-known due to her numerous television appearances. Crystal Marie Denha was born on February 8, 1984. She is well-known for her regular television appearances.

She got cast in Cousins after appearing in commercials on television. She has also appeared in Funny or Die YouTube videos. She has also been on various shows, such as What the F Facts and The Yo Show. The 38-year-old has previously worked for networks such as ESPN and Fox News. She is currently 38 years old.

Adam Carolla's Girlfriend

Cyrstal rose to prominence as a standup comedian, showcasing her witty side whenever she appeared in print or on television. She is extremely active on social media, with over 136,000 followers on Instagram.

Her Instagram description describes her as having “big titty energy.” Her posts largely consist of photos from her standup routines, with the rest showing her having fun with her pals on various occasions.

How Many Children Does Adam Have?

Adam and Lynette have a son named Santino “Sonny” and a daughter named Natalia. The twins were born on June 7, 2006, approximately four years after the couple married.

“The most important thing is our children, and it has always been that way,” Adam said of the divorce's impact on his children. They are doing well, and some say they are doing really well. I expected more sadness, but they did not become too upset.”

“We're nesting right now, so you stay at home.” “The kids never leave the house.”It's a lot better. When my parents divorced, my father moved out and crashed on my grandparents' sofa.”

Who Is Adam Carolla's Ex-Wife?

Lynette is Carolla Drinks' CEO, the host of the “Carolla Drinks AfterShow,” and a co-host of “For CryingOut Loud” on PodcastOne. She lives in Los Angeles. Carolla Digital's Business Development Executive and co-founder is also a mother of two.

Adam Carolla's Girlfriend

She previously worked as a Manager Programming/Scheduling Primetime at ABC Network. On her podcast, “For CryingOut Loud,” she and co-host Stefanie Wilder-Taylor, as well as producer Caelan Biehan, discuss a variety of themes, including marriage and divorce.

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Lynette's ex-husband said that the couple's children did not respond to the news of their divorce, much to his dismay. However, Adam paid tribute to his children on Instagram a month before their divorce was formalized.

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