What Exactly Is the Premise of the Ad Infinitum Game? Consoles and PC Versions of Ad Infinitum!

Originally launched as a World War I horror game back in 2015, Ad Infinitum has since evolved into something more.

It goes without saying that war is dreadful, but even surviving the trenches can leave you damaged, as the game's first trailer demonstrated with the help of a long-nailed creature that appears in the player's dreams.

The game was originally developed by Strixlab, however, after three years, the business decided to remove Ad Infinitum from the section of its website dedicated to “games under development.”

Ad Infinitum

Then, in a 2018 Twitter post, German developer Hekate announced that they have resumed work of Ad Infinitum following a “long legal dispute” and “serious illness of an important team member”

The specifics of the legal conflict were not disclosed, but given that Nacon was the publisher, it seemed possible that it was comparable to Frogware's legal dispute with The Sinking City.

A more piece of game footage was released near the end of another lengthy hiatus in 2019, but after that, it was radio-quiet from Hekate until today's “re-reveal” video.

Aside from the 40-second trailer, there isn't much to say about the film. Ad Infinitum's new emblem is shown as the camera pans out to reveal an overcrowded World War I killing field and then a crowded World War I killing field with the same long-nailed creature.

The core premise of the game remains the same, with you taking on the role of a traumatized German conscript returning home after the Great War.

Ad Infinitum

It is written that “Each night hallucinations filled with horrific creatures, death traps, and mysteries mark your path to recovery,” “Combat them in order to free yourself from your trauma and tear the curtain back to reveal other, perhaps even more terrible mysteries.”

Even more intriguing is the release date, which appears to be a very tentative 2023 on both PC and consoles, according to the announcement.

Ad Infinitum

That's still eight years of development spread among two devs working for a publisher with a history of getting into legal battles with the studios it collaborates with, even assuming Ad Infinitum sticks to its original schedule.

You may add Ad Infinitum to your Steam wishlist right now, but don't hold your breath for a release date.

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