Actually, I am Season 2 Release Date And Everything You Want To Know

Fans are still holding out hope that their favorite romantic comedy anime will return. There are no current plans for the production of the sequel being developed by either TMS Entertainment or its subsidiary, 3xCube Studio.

 Will it ever be made available? What’s in the future of Actually I Am Season 2? This is everything you need to know about the situation.

Overview Of Actually I Am Season 2

Season NameActually I am
Japanese NameJitsu wa Watashi wa
Japanese Title実は私は
Number of Episodes13 (Season 1)
Current StatusSeason 1 End
Directed byYamamoto, Yasutaka
Written bySayaka Harada
Music byAkito Matsuda
GenreActually, I am
CastNatsuki Hanae, Yû Serizawa, Inori Minase
Production HouseTMS Entertainment, TV Tokyo
Available LanguagesJapanese
First Season July 6, 2015
Second SeasonIn the article
Run Time25 Min
Available OnPrime Video, TubiTV, Crunchyroll, VRB

Is Actually I Am Season 2 renewed Or Canceled?

The conclusion of its original source material is one of the most significant obstacles to the continuation of Actually I Am into a second season. 

The anime adaptations of light novels, manga, or video games are frequently nothing more than glorified advertisements for the original media. 

As a result, they can only continue to exist for as long as there is content to be promoted. Regrettably, the final chapter of the Jitsu wa Watashi wa manga series was published back in March 2017, more than a year ago. 

As a result of this, the anime may never get another chance on the screens because there are not enough manga volumes to promote it.

What Is The Release Date Of Actually I Am Season 2?

Actually, I am Season 2 Release Date

It is currently difficult to predict when the sequel will be released because the studios have not yet committed to producing it. However, even if they give the go-ahead for production earlier, it will still take a few years for the next installment to be completed.

We have been promised a second season of Jitsu wa Watashi wa, but it has been over five years since that promise was made, and we are still waiting. Some viewers were blown away by the anime, despite the fact that many critics needed to be more impressed by it.

There is still a sizeable portion of the population that maintains optimism for a successful recovery. Despite widespread interest, the producers of the romantic comedy have not yet made an official announcement regarding the show's return.

 At this point, it seems most likely that the show will debut sometime toward the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023. 

Given the fact that TMS Entertainment has a full slate planned for the next few years, it is possible that the production of Actually I Am Season 2 will be delayed even further. Once the official date has been disclosed, we will make the appropriate changes to this article.

What Is The Storyline Of Actually I Am Season 2?

The first season of Actually I Am introduced the main characters and laid the groundwork for their respective backstories. Even though we now know that Youko is a vampire, there are a few other students at the school who are just as extraordinary.

 Both Asahi's friend Nagisa Aizawa and the school nurse, Akane Koumoto, have supernatural abilities. Nagisa is a werewolf, and Akane is a witch.

Shiho Shishido, Asahi's best friend and the person he considers to be his closest confidante, is also concealing something from him: she likes him

. As the season progresses, Asahi has a difficult time finding a way to convey his emotions to Youko while at the same time protecting her identity from the other students at the school.

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Cast Of Actually I Am

CharactersVoice by
Aizawa, NagisaMinase, Inori
Akemi, MikanUeda, Reina
Koumoto, AkaneIchimichi, Mao
Kuromine, AsahiHanae, Natsuki
Shiragami, YoukoSerizawa, Yuu
Koumoto, AkariNitta, Emi
Okada, KanadeHirakawa, Daisuke

Trailer Of Actually I Am Season 2

Actually I Am does not currently have a trailer available for Season 2. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. You can get excited about the upcoming season by watching the official trailer, which is embedded below.

You can watch the trailer for season 1. To watch the trailer Click Here

Where Can I Watch Actually I Am?

You can easily watch this series on Prime Video, TubiTV, Crunchyroll, and VRB.

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Ratings And Review Of Actually I Am

The content being described is an emotionally charged anime with a primary focus on romantic relationships. It's likely that the show will center on a male protagonist who will have romantic relationships with multiple female characters.

The audience members who enjoy the romance genre and appreciate the emotional depth and complexity that can be explored in these types of stories are typically the ones who gravitate toward watching this style of anime.

A great number of anime series that focus on romantic relationships frequently explore topics such as communication, trust, and self-discovery.

 These themes have the potential to strike a chord with viewers and provide a perspective that is both relatable and engaging on the difficulties and rewards of navigating romantic relationships.

In addition, romantic anime can frequently have a quality that makes the viewer feel good, which both satisfies and lifts them.

 In general, the popularity of this category of content is illustrative of the evergreen appeal that tales about love and the experience of being human possess.

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The highly anticipated second season of Actually I Am did not let down its audience in any significant way. You're going to love how differently the supernatural is interpreted in this series, as well as how well-developed the characters are.

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