A Perfect Pairing Review: What Sex/Life Star ‘Adam Demos’ Remind Us?

A Perfect Pairing Review: Romantic movies come and go, and owing to outlets like Hallmark; Lifetime; and now Netflix; the genre has moved from being the topic of epics to becoming the “movie of the week” type of thing.

Regardless of what critics and skeptics think; these films have found a following, and they are an ideal offering for streaming services searching for entertainment.

Fans of this genre will be overjoyed if Netflix manages to release two or three of these per month.

Isn't that what a movie is supposed to accomplish? Allow you to be entertained while also allowing you to go to new locations; meet new people; and participate in adventures that you would never experience in real life?

The film; like books and other forms of media such as video games; are windows into other worlds that fundamentally enrich the lives of those who have the patience to sit and watch them.

This is why films like the one discussed in this article are practically critic-proof.

Even if they don't strive to push the medium forward or challenge the audience with the way they approach a certain subject; they have inherent worth.

The new Netflix film of the week; A Perfect Pairing; manages to bring all of the necessary aspects to fulfill the audience's appetite for this type of picture.

Yes, we've seen this film before, but it's still entertaining.

Stream It or Skip It: A Perfect Pairing?

The gist: Lola Alvarez (Victoria Justice) is the best-selling wine importer in Los Angeles, and she's vying for the position of regional sales director.

A Perfect Pairing Review

However, once her best friend snatches her prospective Australian client and her employer approves, Lola quits in a huff and resolves to create her firm.

The only issue is that she doesn't have any clients.

She takes a chance and travels to Australia to work on the celebrity-owned Vaughn Family Wines property in the hopes of winning over the owner.

While she's there, she forms a bond with Max (Adam Demos), a quietly brooding and extraordinarily gorgeous ranch hand with his secrets.

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Lola must choose between her personal and professional lives when she discovers Max's secrets.

What Will It Remind You Of?

A Perfect Pairing contains all of the typical rom-com ingredients, including a fish out of water plot, two opposites attracted to one another, and a lush, beautiful backdrop.

A Perfect Pairing Review

It'll remind you of movies like The Proposal or Beauty and the Briefcase about office romance.

Performance to Watch: This is Victoria Justice's film, and we're all here to watch it.

She's engaging and humorous, and she's able to create chemistry with Adam Demos's straight-laced Max.

Lola and Max's flirtation is a gradual burn, but the seeds are sowed when Max delivers this uplifting quote as a token of his gratitude:

“When it comes to hard work, some people roll up their sleeves, while others roll up their noses.

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You showed up without turning up your nose. In my opinion, that is extremely valuable.”

Our Opinion:

A Perfect Pairing isn't innovative. The film is a typical workplace rom-com with a charismatic young star at its heart, and the ending is predictable.

A Perfect Pairing Review

But that doesn't make it any less delightful – in fact, it's the ideal film to watch after a long week when you've poured some wine and just want to snuggle into your sofa.

Victoria Justice, who was previously a real Nickelodeon star thanks to Victorious, is the film's major appeal.

She reinvents herself as an exuberant overachiever and a divorcee who isn't looking for love in this setting.

When she lands in the middle of nowhere in Australia and is forced to dive headfirst into hard labor, she does it without fear of soiling her clothes or chipping a nail.

It's a realistic portrayal of a modern woman who will go to any length to achieve her career ambitions, and who understands how to win people over with her charisma, and Justice rises to the situation.

Her chemistry with Australian actor Adam Demos, who plays her love interest, Max, falls flat in the film.

To be honest, Max is portrayed as a moody rancher with a tight grip on his secrets.

Even in their quips (of which there are many!) Justice comes out as more natural and at ease than Demos.

A dispute occurs, as is customary in these flicks, soon after they've finally opened up and communicated their actual feelings.

However, their split feels forced. Max finally reveals his secrets, and Lola is enraged that he lied about his true identity, even though he tried to tell her numerous times and her main-character energy didn't allow him to say anything.

The redeeming grace is that Lola subsequently realizes her rage stems from his need to deceive, indicating he still has a lot of work to do on himself before he is ready for a relationship.

The music will be a welcome trip down memory lane for fans of 2010s indie rock.

The song “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros is featured prominently in the central romance, and the soundtrack is filled with other nostalgic music that harkens back to the rom-com era and sets the tone for the film.

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Will this film change your life or upend your genre? No. Will it, however, be entertaining? I'm comfortable saying yes.

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