A Not so Merry Christmas Ending Explained: Will Chuy Finally End His Spell?

A Not so Merry Christmas Ending Explained: Reviviendo La Navidad, often known as A Not So Merry Christmas, lived up to my high hopes. There was a good balance of romance, comedy, and adventure, and it did succeed in capturing the spirit of the holiday season. Thankfully, filmmaker Mark Alazraki refrained from making the film too dated and unappealing by using too many traditional Christmas elements.

The movie ended up having a happy conclusion, and that made me happy. As stated in the film's official Netflix synopsis, “a curse is placed on grumpy Chuy, who awakens to find that he has lived a complete year but is cursed to remember just Christmas Day.” Once a year. As of the moment.” Is it possible that Chuy ended the spell? Find out what happened in the end by reading on!

A Not So Merry Christmas Plot Synopsis

Chuy loathed both Christmas & hosting a Christmas meal. Despite his hard effort planning the gathering, each guest brought him one gift. He gave a homeless man a flat Coke instead of money while shopping for holiday gifts for his family. He bought gifts haphazardly. Traditions that obliged him to give annoyed him. Daniela, unlike Chuy, cared about their children's ethics. She loved her children & wanted to run a pet salon. Chuy opposed her dream of being a mother & successful businesswoman. He predicted she would struggle to manage both. He expressed reluctance to financially assist her.

A Not so Merry Christmas Ending Explained

As usual, his family celebrated Christmas & his 41st birthday at his apartment, but Chuy's pessimism turned everyone off. He mocked his sisters Nouri & Roberta for altering their diets & going on an adventure without him. He mocked Ale's new romance with Esteban. He was surprised to find his brother living in a tent on their parents' property instead of his own apartment. He thought Christmas's biggest problem was that people offer gifts without considering the recipient's effort. Chuy publicly scolded his relatives for hypocrisy, ending supper. When he entered the empty tavern, a mysterious bartender greeted him.

Chuy was surprised that they knew him despite never meeting him. The bartender said Chuy was on Santa's naughty list & the beggar he saw that morning meant he failed a test. The bartender's disclosure that they were Chuy's diva godmother eased his suffering. Chuy had no faith in his godmother, but she changed his life. As the Diva Godmother promised, he was reliving Christmas. Every morning, his family celebrated another birthday or Christmas. He matured on the Christmas trip & realized how his bad behavior was affecting the family. Will Chuy learn from the Christmas story & change?

A Not so Merry Christmas Ending Explained

Chuy hates sharing his birthday with Jesus Christ. That makes perfect sense. Chuy is unaware that his family is trying to make him happy and enjoy Christmas. After continuously ignoring his loved ones, he must replay Christmas Eve until he appreciates it. The curse is broken when he recognizes that time with his family is more essential than a day on the calendar. The Diva Godmother breaks the illusion but warns Chuy that he will hate reality.

Chuy doesn't care—he just wants his spell broken. After the spell breaks, he returns to his lonely house on Christmas Eve. After the kids go, he discovers his wife filed for divorce. His mother dies too. Chuy wants one last Christmas with his family despite the tragic news. He asks for another chance at his wife's workplace, which she provides. He then visits his estranged son, who left because Chuy couldn't accept his homosexuality. Chuy tries to atone for his actions before Christmas Eve, knowing he won't remember them.

The son surprisingly forgives Chuy and introduces his new boyfriend. Chuy then asks forgiveness from his daughter. After he failed to host Christmas Eve supper, the group celebrated on December 28. After dinner, the diva godmother's miniature elves jump with excitement since they've noticed Chuy's improvement. After his diva godmother breaks the spell, Chuy is whisked back to Christmas Eve.

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Chuy weeps as he remembers being a child again, as he hugs & kisses his wife & children, as he shares a piece of birthday cake with his wife, as he enthusiastically buys gifts for his family, as he spends the night with his wife & children & as he comes to the profound understanding that family is the ultimate embodiment of love. The film finishes with Chuy kissing his wife under the mistletoe he detested.

Final Thoughts

Feel-good comedy and romance abound in A Not So Merry Christmas, making it an ideal holiday film. Beautifully, the Christmas custom helped break down barriers of affection within the family. Unexpectedly, the inclusion of LGBT+ was also a new feature in a holiday film.

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