A Must Watch Biography “Charlatan” movie on “Jan Mikolášek”

Have you heard about the healer Jan Mikolášek? If you haven’t heard about it, you must read this article because you will know a new personality today. And based on this personality, you can also watch the ” Charlatan” movie.

About Charlatan movie

Agnieszka Holland directs a 2020 Czechoslovak-Polish-Irish-Slovak biographical drama. It's about Jan Mikoláek (1889–1973), a healer who used plant-based medicines to cure hundreds of people. It was chosen as the Czech submission for the 93rd Academy Awards' Best International Feature Film category, making the February shortlist. At the 2021 Czech Lion Prizes, it received five awards, including Best Film.

However, Mikoláek (Ivan Trojan) serves as both a character and a villain. He represents postwar eastern Europe, divided between political allegiances, development and superstition, science and folklore, not just in his art but also in his secret gay relationship with his helper, Frantisek (Juraj Loj).

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What Do You Know About Jan Mikoláek?

Jan Mikoláek was a well-known healer and unique medicine man who used unconventional diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. He became well-known and wealthy as a result of his unique abilities. He became somewhat of an institution in Czechoslovakia prior to World War II, and he was able to maintain his standing even during the German occupation by healing top Nazi leaders.

He was certain that things would not change after the war. The communists who rose to power were human beings as well. And humans became sick, felt hopeless, and needed a doctor, a particular sort of doctor, at that, who could assist them when others couldn't.

However, when his primary Stalinist defender died, the situation changed, and the regime determined to eliminate him.

Agnieszka Holland: Director’s Call on Charlatan movie

CHARLATAN is a film about Mikoláek's ascent and collapse of his moral deterioration and his ongoing battle with the evil within him. It's a narrative about a man's secret, the mystery of his particular ability, and the price he was willing to pay for it; it's a story about the dichotomy of strength and weakness, of love and hatred.

I (Agnieszka Holland) attempted to create a sensuous and simple vocabulary to portray this narrative with an enormous scale — dozens of years, three distinct regimes, two World Wars – but one that seems incredibly personal at the same time, Static, Quiet, Dialogues are kept to a minimum. Emotions that are kept hidden. Extremely subjective passage of time: years pass in a matter of minutes, minutes seem to go on forever.

The plot is driven forward by the players' expressions, the tension between the characters, and their continual efforts to break through each other's armours; the background, the great history of the twentieth century, is mirrored in their fate.

To produce this film, I (Agnieszka Holland) was lucky to have a fantastic team: cinematographer Martin Strba, production designer Milan Bycek, editor Pavel Hrdlicka, composer Antoni Komasa Lazarkiewicz, and actor Ivan Trojan, all of whom I(Agnieszka Holland)  previously worked with on the miniseries BURNING BUSH.

What was the Release Date?

On February 27, 2020, the film had its world debut at the Berlin International Film Festival. On March 26, 2020, it was scheduled to be released in Czech cinemas. However, distribution has been postponed until August 20, 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

During its debut weekend in Czech theatres, the picture was seen by 59,073 people. Despite stiff competition, the picture enjoyed a solid second weekend with 37 000 people in attendance, just beating out Tenet.

It was selected for the 26th Kolkata International Film Festival in January 2021 and will be screened on January 11, 2021, at the West Bengal government's Cinema Centenary Building.

Wrapping Up

So now you have got much knowledge about the “Charlatan”, and also about Jan Mikoláek. So get going with the movie and enjoy your watching time. If you feel like exploring more about the series and movies you love, don’t forget to check our website.