A List of Educative Films for College Students

What is cinematography for education? Perhaps this is a way to influence the visual perception of students' information and attract their attention. Telling about an enlightening experience is one thing, but showing the implementation of the message with the help of actors is entirely different.

Despite the difference in teaching methods, students often need online college homework help, and then they turn to services such as Assignmentshark. This does not mean that a problem in the educational system itself, sometimes a lack of time or a life crisis, requires such solutions. It's good that we live in a time of high technologies and companies that make our life easier and more accessible.

What Are Educative Films?

Educational films immerse the student's mind in the whole subject and grab his or her attention. These films were created to diversify the educational process and make it easier for students to study. According to statistics, after watching movies during class, students begin to relate to the subject better and show more interest in their studies. From the point of view of psychology, students understand that they will not be asked questions during the film.

They do not need to look at the teacher and feel uncomfortable if they converge in glances. And after watching a well-shot film, the student can easily retell the topic and message of the lesson. Often such films have a humanitarian profile, which makes it even easier; students will not have to read a lot of information, sometimes written in very ancient and incomprehensible terminology. Even reading fans sometimes prefer to watch a movie during class then spend time on it after school.

List of Top-Rated Educative Films

An educational film does not always have to be a documentary or historical, as sometimes a sufficient script and direction are enough for a student of the faculty of psychology to be able to disassemble the cause of a disease. Look at the hero's life and place some personal meaning in his or her life. Fortunately, there are many cult educational films in the world, such as:

  1. The film “The King's Speech” is about the history of a man, namely the second son of King George V, who has to stutter while talking to a vast audience. And for years, the prince has been trying to get rid of his problem. There are many motivational messages in the film, and despite this, it is elementary to dive into it and forget that you are in class. This film is perfect for students of language learners and high-quality performances of famous actors.
  2. The Oscar-winning film “Inside Job ” is perfect for students studying finance. The film's plot analyzes the 2008 financial crisis, in which trillions of dollars were lost. Many lost their jobs, homes, and minds. That period almost led to an economic bottom. The film brought together many famous actors so that the financial theme would be presented in a very entertaining way. Namely, the topic of the stock market will become much closer to the student after watching the film.
  3. The movie “Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room” is an excellent lesson for business students. It is a documentary film based on the 2003 hit book. The plot features reporters who are investigating a severe scandal in the American business world.
  4. The movie”Cube” – an exciting film with elements of horror that will be very relevant for students studying mathematics. Its plot touches upon the themes of the Cartesian coordinates, the decomposition of a number, and the creation of a key to their determination by a person. The palaces of the mathematical mind that a person can open are exciting topics for students of technical specialties. This is a very unconventional but very productive approach to learning mathematics.
  5. A selection of films for college students who are studying psychology. Using their example, it becomes easier to disassemble the very mysterious world of human neurons. “Silence of the Lambs”, “Fight Club” and “Clockwork Orange” reveal the secrets of the most dangerous diseases and their effects on humans. Yes, they are very complex, but they are able to immerse the student in the described problems completely.
  6. The film “The Imitation Game” will be relevant for historians and those who study computer science. It tells a story about a man who helped change the course of World War II and paid dearly for his views of the world. He contributed to the victory with the help of his team of mathematicians, who broke the secret code of the Germans, which helped to win the war.
  7. Physics students may find it interesting to look at films like “Beautiful Mind” and “Hawking”. These are documentaries about the life of scientists who made a massive contribution to the world of modern science and suffered from incurable ailments. In addition to science, these films show how to live a genius life and under what circumstances their genius minds shook humanity.

Yes, educational films are not able to become the basis of an educational program, but by diversifying seminars with them, you can get a better understanding from students. Despite the versatile approach of teachers to teach, even after watching a movie, it is sometimes difficult for a student to complete homework. Not everyone is naturally skilled or has enough time to write an essay, a report on a topic, or come up with an analysis. That is why there are professional services in the world to help students. While online, you can order pizza delivery and find a solution to the problem with the task.