A Detailed Look at Jennifer Lopez’s Breathtaking Green Diamond Engagement Ring

The 53-year-old has worn several outfits over the years (six, to be exact), but the stones that her now-husband Ben Affleck chose for her are by far the most talked-about.

Notably, Jennifer Lopez's fine jewelry collection is comparable to Elizabeth Taylor's, especially her impeccably made engagement rings. It would be negligent of us not to make the analogy. The late actress married eight times—twice to Richard Burton—and owned stunning diamonds, each of which may have been more well-known than her numerous marriages. One wonders if Jennifer Lopez is the Elizabeth Taylor of the twenty-first century.

The famous pair—Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck—reigned Hollywood in the early 2000s, but in January 2004, they called off their first engagement. The two finally crossed paths again in February 2021; after dating for a year, Affleck proposed to Lopez once more. However, everything about this occasion was a little wiser and older and had more bling than ever.

Getting back with Affleck

Lopez was recently seen wearing a ring. A few days later, she announced on her website that she and Ben Affleck had renewed their engagement, much to the rise of mixed feelings among her fans. Unlike before, this particular sparkler is a stunning and incredibly uncommon fancy green diamond. This is noteworthy, of course, because the first time they got engaged, Jennifer's magnificent pink diamond sparked a vibrant engagement ring commotion unmatched in history.

The legendary singer stated that green was her lucky hue and revealed that her sparkler was another expensive diamond, now of a considerably rarer nature. The footage, however, was fuzzy and did not reveal much.

News of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's wedding in Las Vegas spread on July 17, 2022. Soon, Lopez's nail technician Tom Bachik uploaded a photo to Instagram, where her fans got their first glimpse of the exquisite band. It is a traditional white gold band that naturally matches her engagement ring with the green diamond.

The green wonder

In Lopez's new engagement ring from Affleck, the natural green 8.5-carat diamond center stone is surrounded by a pair of trapezoid-shaped white diamonds. The vivid green rock is surrounded by gold prongs, and when contrasted with the white base, the uncommon colored diamond stands out even more. It was sourced by Ilan Portugali and created by Tamara Rahaminov and Nicol Goldfiner of Rahaminov Diamonds.

Green has special significance for Lopez, apart from being the second-rarest hue for a diamond—red is the rarest.

Taking to her newsletter On The J-Lo, she wrote how she has always believed that green was her lucky color. She also expressed that she could recall certain moments when great things happened to her while she wore green.

The ring from their first engagement

The pink Harry Winston diamond the Oscar winner gave her in 2002 is gorgeous in its own way. In an interview with Diane Sawyer in the early 2000s, Lopez—shortly called J-Lo—confessed that she was caught by surprise when she looked at the ring, which she thought was the most exquisite jewelry item she had ever seen.

The 6.10-carat stone, estimated to be worth $1 million back in the day, sparked the popularity of colored diamond rings and even won over diamond fanatics, including the hugely famous Barbra Streisand.

Close is the farthest you can get

Though acquiring a ring like JLo's is unlikely, taking inspiration from the actress' most recent engagement ring is a sure method to get an equally stunning and eye-catching sparkler, if not more. One cannot help admiring plenty of things about her ravishing new jewelry item, whether it comes to the green color, the entire design, or the overall garish style.