A Cs: Danilo Aveler, Accused of Racism in a Go Contest; the Player Places Himself in the Nets

Tuesday night, Danilo Avelar One match was charged with racism Counter-Strike: Global Attack (CS: GO). In social networks, a profile Twitter Released a screen shot of the alleged conversation, which the Corinthian defender said ‘Black Girl Son', Represents another game user – See below.

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Axis of alleged conversation between players during a match

Reproduction / Twitter

Oh Nickname Allegedly used by the guard, D.A35, Was seen on the video game platform Steam, But after a period of exposure on social media changed. In a short time, the name of the athlete was already in the highly commented subjects Twitter – See screenshots below.

Still on the social network, the Corinthian player responded to some posts saying he was “looking for more information” so he could give his version. The Meu Timão report quickly contacted the player via text message. He replied that he was compelled to speak on Wednesday morning.

Image with comment
Image of the game with racist commentary accused of being the author of Danilo Aveler

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In conversation with My Timon, “obd”, one of the players who was in the competition and exposed the case on social networks, said Avellar would have commented on the situation and retaliated against an Argentine player. In addition, “Odd” explained that by gaining access to the game demo (a remake of the game) the entire game can be reviewed – which is only available to site owners Collegium.

Earlier in the year, the defender joined E-game And became a member E-Sports Bears, Organization Sequence Created not to compete Counter-Strike: Global Attack (CS: GO). The announcement was made on Live Streamer Calls.

Danilo Avelar has not played for the Corinthians since October 2020 due to a torn cruciate ligament in his knee and is still recovering. There is no forecast yet for his return to play on the pitch.

Take a look at Danilo Aveler's comments on the situation

Danilo Aveler was accused by fans and briefly positioned himself on social media
Danilo Aveler was accused by fans and briefly positioned himself on social media

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On Twitter, the guard explained why he followed the account
On Twitter, the defender explained why he followed the account that exposed the situation on the social network

Reproduction / Twitter

See also profile of accused on social networks

Responsible account
Steam profile accused on social media of being the author of racist comments (sports site)


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