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A Brief Talk about Learning Methods and the Importance of Cisco CCNA

CCNA is the primary stage in Cisco's Internet certification. Many people think it's very simple and doesn't need to be mastered. Is CCNA really not important and elementary? I think it's completely wrong.

We know that network technology is not difficult in fact. The difficult thing is how to decompose some technologies into some small knowledge points to understand and apply. If you study and apply step by step, you will find that there are many problems in your actual work, but the solution is very simple. When you put forward the solution, it leads to a number of problems, and the solution to new problems is very simple. In this way, problems are solved one by one, and problems are found one by one. Network technology is like this. It is difficult because there are countless related problems and technologies waiting for you to solve and learn. (for more details, please refer to CCNA Learning Guide).

For example, as for the problem of broadcast domain, conflict domain and the waste of physical equipment in practical work, the solution is very simple. You can logically divide VLAN on a physical device. It is very simple to be solved, but it also leads to the problem of data sharing broadcast domain in the same VLAN between different devices. The solution is very simple. It's OK to connect a data cable on the port where the two devices belong to the same VLAN. But the problem is that when there are too many VLAN, each VLAN is connected, resulting in a large waste of ports. The solution is also very simple. Just make a trunk. However, the new problem is that it is impossible to distinguish the data streams in different VLAN. The solution is also very simple. It is OK to add encapsulation when the data enters the trunk. It seems to be perfect, but there are still problems. When the network increases, it is a great difficulty for the administrator to make the same VLAN on each device. The solution is very simple, too. Just make a VTP domain for unified governance. One problem occurs and one problem is solved. Is it difficult? No. Just know how the problem arises and how it should be solved. Then sort out the whole idea. It's not difficult at all.

Learning CCNA is a way to teach candidates the basic knowledge of network and how to learn network knowledge. Many people don't care about CCNA or laboratory operation, but choose to study by themselves. However, when they are at work, they find it difficult and don't understand practical application, so they feel unable to start when facing practical work and network failure. This is because the foundation is not solid.

Learning CCNA is very important! It is a important framework to guide us to learn the whole network technology in the future.

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