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A Black Comedy Druk Movie That You Can’t Miss?


How did an introspective Danish-language movie on drinking oneself to oblivion and starring today's least tolerant demographic (straight white guys) wind up as one of the year's stimulating films? Another Round known as Druk in Danish Language is a black comedy-drama film directed by Thomas Vinterberg and based on a screenplay by Tobias Lindholm and Vinterberg that will be released in 2020.

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Curious to Know about the movie?

Martin, Tommy, Peter, and Nikolaj, all of whom work at a gymnasium school in Copenhagen, are colleagues and friends. All four are frustrated with uninterested pupils and believe that their lives have become monotonous. At Nikolaj's 40th birthday dinner, the group began to debate psychiatrist Finn Skrderud's notion that people are born with a blood alcohol content (BAC) deficit of 0.05 percent, and that being at 0.05 percent makes one more creative and calm.

Martin is approached by his older pupils and parents, who claim he has made it difficult for them to pass their history examinations. The pals decide to conduct an experiment to put Skrderud's idea to the test. They begin keeping a group journal of what happens when they begin drinking at regular intervals in order to maintain this blood alcohol level.

Nonetheless, they each have personal issues that make this experiment appealing: Martin is miserable and estranged from his family and pupils, Nikolaj's wife appears to despise him, and so on. While each man has his unique method of smuggling alcohol during the day while teaching or coaching youngsters, he never drinks and drives.

They agree to follow a set of guidelines: their blood alcohol content (BAC) should never be less than 0.05, and they should not drink after 8:00 p.m. or on weekends.

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All four members of the group perceive their job and personal life to be more fun and successful in a short amount of time. Martin, in particular, is overjoyed since he has finally been reunited with his wife and children. His history lessons grow more engaging, and his pupils begin to appreciate and respect him. He connects with heavy drinkers by teaching history through the perspective of alcohol consumption.

The group decides that the experiment should be continued and raises the daily BAC limit to 0.10. Still finding their lives to be better, they decide to drink themselves to oblivion one night to see how freeing it is, but when they return home intoxicated, Martin and Nikolaj are confronted by their families.

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What's so Interesting About Druk?

The movie focuses on a play written by Vinterberg while he was working at the Burgtheater in Vienna. Vinterberg's own daughter, Ida, provided further inspiration by telling anecdotes about the Danish youth's drinking culture. Ida had pushed Vinterberg to turn the play into a film, and she was supposed to play Martin's daughter (Mads Mikkelsen). “A celebration of alcohol predicated on the concept that global history would have been different without alcohol,” the tale began.

Ida, however, was murdered in a vehicle accident four days into filming. The screenplay was rewritten in the aftermath of the tragedy to make it more life affirming. “It should be about more than simply drinking. It was all about getting reintroduced to life “, Vinterberg added. In the week following the accident, Tobias Lindholm took over as director. Ida was honoured in the video, which was shot in part in her classroom alongside her students.

How Was the Movie Taken?

Another Round, which has been selected for the Cannes 2020 Label, has its global debut in Toronto this weekend, ahead of its competitive premiere in San Sebastian later this month, and festival screenings in Bergen and London in October. It will also be released in Danish theatres on September 24. Based on its bittersweet comedic charms, Vinterberg's track record, and Mikkelsen's global marquee appeal, the film should have a high commercial potential. The Samuel Goldwyn Company has acquired U.S. distribution rights.

Initially, this intense drinking game is beneficial. Injecting a joyful new spirit into the classroom, all four professors succeed in instilling more confidence and passion in their pupils than normal, revelling in the reflected glory like some sort of Drunk Poets Society.

Martin seemed to have undergone a significant transformation, briefly rejuvenating his dormant marriage and halted sex life. He spins around the school staff room like a lightly drunk Fred Astaire in one wonderfully planned visual tableau.

But, as one might expect, all of this euphoria comes at a high cost. Excessive living does not lead to the palace of knowledge, but rather to painful insights, wrecked relationships, damaged jobs, spiralling addictions, and worse.

Wrapping Up

Vinterberg acknowledges that chance had a role in the film's success: COVID had no impact on the production, and Another Round was released in Danish theatres in the fall, although short, to the best box office results of any of his films.

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