Metroidvania-esque 9 Years of Shadows Is A Game With A Ghostly Teddy And Some Banger Music!

9 Years Of Shadows is a Metroidvania currently in development that will have music composed by Michiru Yamane, Manami Matsumae, and Norihiko Hibino, who previously composed music for Castlevania, Mega Man, and Metal Gear Solid, among others.

9 Years of Shadows

This isn't anything that interests me, but I'm including it in case it is to you.

What excites me is that 9 Years Of Shadows looks fantastic on the whole, thanks to the lavishly detailed pixel art, sparkling world design, and a sidekick that appears to be a teddy bear ghost, among other things.

9 Years of Shadows Trailer

In the meantime, here's a trailer that was shown during Gamescom 2021:

9 Years of Shadows Story

In 9 Years, you take on the role of Europa, a young woman who goes on an exploration of an abandoned mechanical castle with her ghostly teddy bear Apino.

Europa wields a halberd, and Apino wields a long-ranged magic spell. You and your companions engage in Metroidvania activities such as exploration, collection, combat with monsters and bosses, and “cleanse the corrupted world.”

9 Years of Shadows

Although there isn't anything particularly original in the trailer above, it is certainly accomplished in a stylish manner. If those halberd strikes feel as amazing as they appear, and if navigating through those zoomy tunnels is as much fun as it appears, then count me in.

9 Years Of Shadows was originally funded through the Kickstarter platform, which raised a total of $1,988,905 Mexican pesos (about £71,000 GBP).

9 Years of Shadows Release Date

Since then, updates have been consistent, and 9 Years is rumored to be on its way shortly, though there is no official release date at this time. Until then, you may keep an eye on it by visiting the game's Steam page.

Final Words

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