9 Must-Have Bong Accessories For An Upgraded Bong Session

Hitting the bong is the ultimate blast experience. Regular and experienced smokers often hit the bong and usually on indoor occasions or when a group of friends is hanging out.

But even the ultimate experience offered by premium water pipes and bongs has its limits. That is why there are some additional accessories that can help you upgrade your bong instead of buying a new one.

Check out our profound list of the top 10 bong accessories to add to your pleasure and smoking experience and maximize your old bong's usability.

Bowl Screens and Filters

If you’re the traditional herb smoker type and have never used an ash catcher before, then you’ve probably used bowl screens. These small filters are usually made of thin metal wire or foil and are meant to stop the ash from the bowl from interfering with your pleasurable smoking experience.

Bowl screens come in many shapes and sizes, and buying them is probably the cheapest transaction from this entire list of accessories. They’re a must if you want to keep your smoking bowl and lungs clean from sudden ash dropping.

So if you’re shopping for premium water pipes or bongs online, grab a bunch of these and make for a sweet bundle deal, saving up on delivery costs too.


Having a bunch of different bowls to add to your bong or water pipe is like a personal pothead collection and a visible triumph for all your different challenges. But also, it’s a neat trend to accessorize your bong and boost your overall smoking experience.

If you’re a traditional smoker who prefers smoking herbs rather than THC-infused liquids, having different bowls is a must. Bowls are the most traditional way to dose your bong hit the right way without using a scale.

They all come in different sizes, shapes, and colors and usually differ in the thickness of the material. The thicker the bowl, the longer it will last, and it’s easier to clean.

Dab Nails

Dab nails are the perfect match to pair with water pipes or bongs because of the incorporated usage of the pre-heated part of the entire construction, which produces the vapor inside the bong.

This accessory is used to increase the traditional smoking experience by implementing concentrated fluids in the hit, which resolve at really high temperatures.

Dab nails and rings can be made from quartz, titanium, or ceramics, but they all have one purpose – elevating and maximizing the potency of the heated substance. This is why we need to note that dabbing is not recommended for beginner smokers. You can look at it as more of a practice to be incorporated for experienced consumers.


One of the most popular and radiating modern techniques of hitting the bong is the trend of adding percolators.

These gadgets that look like they are from another planet are used to cool off the vapor before it comes to your mouth and eliminates or mitigate the coughing effect. By cooling off the heated air, consumers can consume more vapor at once instead of taking a coughing break.

The percolator is the most welcomed device that lives inside your bong’s water pipe, adding up to its overall looks but also filtering and often cooling the vapor. As such, it’s an awesome add-on for beginners who aren’t used to the intense bong smoke but also for experienced users who want to consume more at once.

Ash Catcher

The very name gives out the actual use and perks of this bong accessory, which is to absorb and eliminate the ashes away from your lungs and smoking session. This is actually a water chamber that you add to your water pipe or bong, installing it in between the bong’s tube and the heating bowl.

As this is a remote part of your bong, it’s easier to change and clean it – you don’t have to clean your entire bong, risking breaking it every time you do this. At the same time, the ash catcher act as a percolator. However, remember that this is not an actual percolator, so it can’t cool off the vapor similarly.

Ash catchers are not just one of the most useful bong accessories on the market today, but they also add to a more relaxed smoking experience.

Diffused Downstem

The diffused downstem is one of the oldest known ways to cool off the bong’s vapor. It uses a long, often glass-made tube that reaches the very bottom of the water pipe or bong.

By touching the bottom, a suction effect is created inside the bong’s tube, enabling the vapor to reach the tube’s air. It first hits the water and spreads out, being cooler than before, and giving a smoother hit.

Diffused downstems are a great way to improve your bong-smoking skills since they give you a smooth hit. However, they also require changing your bong’s water and cleaning it more often.

Bong Adapters and Converters

All of these accessories are not made to fit every bong. This is why the need for designing bong adapters and converters has popped out.

These adapters and converters are used to connect all kinds of different add-ons and gadgets to your existing bong, eliminating the need to buy a new one and still enjoy the perks of unlimited upgrades. Though these parts don’t contribute to the overwhelming effects of your regular usage, they definitely contribute to the extended usage of your bong’s artillery.

Dab Torches

If you’re a dabber, you’ll definitely need to invest in the proper dab torcher since a regular lighter can’t acquire the required heat to light the liquid without wasting precious time.

Dab torches are infused either with butane or propane. Propane is, without a doubt, the stronger one, but in terms of dabbing, butane torches are the most suitable ones. They will light fast and hot, but won’t overburn. Also, they don’t leave a smell or taste to the infusing particles and are smaller and handier than the butane dab torches.


Lastly, having a proper grinder is an absolute must for a pleasurable and more intense bong-hitting experience.

Proper grinding is essential for bongs, and you should never do it with bare hands because the most precious THC will be left on your fingertips. That way, you lose the potency of the effect. But with a grinder, you can avoid this problem and get a top smoking experience.

Today, there are countless grinders that you can choose from. It’s important to remember that it’s best if you first break up your buds into smaller parts and then place them in the grinder. This way, you get the perfect amount of herb and can prolong the life of the grinder and the bong itself by not stuffing it with too much product.

Wrapping Up: Top Accessories You Must Have

Getting the best smoking experience doesn’t mean only getting a quality bong – countless accessories can elevate the experience by a mile. Percolators and dab nails are definitely one of the most popular ones these days, but each smoker has different needs and wants.

This is why the headshops and this specific market boom with possibilities to boost your smoking experience to the next level of relaxing extent. And what’s more to it, they are all affordable, made to suit everyone’s needs as well as pockets.