86 Season 3 Release Date: Cast | Trailer | Is It Returning?

86 Season 3 Release Date: 86: Six is an anime series based on Asato Asato’s light novel of the same name, which was illustrated by Shirabi.

Motoki Yoshihara’s manga adaption was serialized in Young Gangan, a seinen manga magazine published by Square Enix, in 2018.

The anime adaptation of this series was picked up by A1 Pictures.

Anohana and Your Lie in April are two of their most well-known anime series. Kaguya Sama and Sword Art Online Love is a form of conflict.

The anime series garnered popularity after its premiere in Spring 2021.

With the release of 86 Eighty-Six Season 2, the series now has an IMDb rating of 8.2/10 and a My Anime List rating of 8.6/10.

The second cour of 86 Eighty-Six has been completed after a challenging broadcast with the previous two episodes.

It appears that the Shirabi-drawn adaptation of Asato Asato’s light book will take a hiatus before returning with 86 Eighty-Six season 3. We’ve got all the information!

86 Characters & Cast From Anime

There was also localization into Spanish, Portuguese, and German, in addition to the English dub. Here’s how it’s done in English:

The first season of 86 was released in dub on June 19, 2021. In 86 Episode 12, which marked the commencement of 86 Season 2, many new voices were added.

  • Zeno Robinson as Kiriya Nouzen
  • Kimberley Anne Campbell is Frederica Rosenfort
  • Ernst Zimmerman is Keith Silverstein

The 86 Season 2 dub was scheduled to be released on December 4, 2021.

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If the third season is allowed for development, an English dub of Season 86 will very certainly be revealed soon.

86 Season 3 Trailers

The 86 season 3 trailer has yet to be released.

However, return to our website frequently as we will continue to provide you with any new information regarding the forthcoming season, 86.

While you wait for the Season 3 trailer, you can view the Season 2 trailer. The 86 Of the Season 2 trailer may be found here.

86 Season 3 Release Date

Crunchyroll currently has all 23 episodes of anime 86 Eight Six with English subtitles available.

On Saturday, March 26th, Crunchyroll subscribers can watch the episode for free.

Crunchyroll subscribers can see the episode on Saturday, March 26th, so the adventure may continue.


Season 3 has 86 fans excited, even though there are still numerous adaptations to be made.

As of March 2022, there are 11 published tankonbon volumes of 86: Eighty-Six light novels, of which only three have been turned into the 23 episodes.

The epilogues and Volume 1 are included. Only nine of the eleven tankonbon books have been translated into English.

A-1 Pictures can produce additional 69 episodes, which can then be divided into six seasons of 12 episodes each.

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The series is expected to return in Fall 2022, with Episode 86 Six Season 3.

Is There a Season 3 of 86 Eighty-Six?

Fans want it back in the sequel, and there’s reason to assume that Season 3 of 86: Eighty-Six will be released shortly.

According to the leak, Season 3 of 86: Eighty-Six is already in the works.

Following the premiere of 86 Eighty-Six Episode 23, a unique illustration was shared. This enhances the prospect of a 2022 sequel.

The news has yet to be confirmed by A-1 Pictures. A-1 Pictures will probably reveal the news at the 86: Eighty-Six special event, which will commemorate the anime’s tenth anniversary.

This event will be held to commemorate the first airing of 86: Eighty-Six Episode 1.

The cast and voice performers from 86 Eighty-Six will be in attendance.

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During the event, we may expect to hear key announcements concerning Season 3 of 86 Eighty-Six.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Anime 86 Done?

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