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75 Soft Challenge: Famous Tiktok Health Trend That’s Getting Viral!

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Think about undertaking the 75 Hard Challenge. If you want to commit to forming new habits that don’t include risky limitations or radical lifestyle changes, the 75 Soft Challenge might be a better option.

If you haven’t heard, the 75 Hard Challenge is an extreme daily practice developed by businessman Andy Frisella to “improve mental strength and discipline” that has taken TikTok by storm, receiving over 500 million views.

Numerous show fans have used social media to post their findings after completing the 75-day challenge, but some have questioned the show’s possibly risky and harsh “rules,” which could lead many people to make poor judgments.

What is the 75 Soft Challenge? The 75 Soft Challenge, a more approachable version of the fad, encourages participants to maintain some healthy routines for 75 days with fewer constraints. This is what we do know:

Although The Pohhu Experience launched a version of the challenge in 2019, Stephen Gallagher, also known as @StephenGFitness on the video sharing platform, is the man responsible for the TikTok fad.

It features four regulations, as opposed to the original’s five, and, as the name implies, is a much friendlier and more reasonable task.

What Are the 75 Soft Challenge Guidelines?

  • Eat healthily and limit drinking to social occasions.
  • 75 days of 45 minutes of daily exercise. One day a week should be active recovery.
  • Every day, consume three liters of water.
  • Every day, read 10 pages of any book.

Why is the 75 Soft Challenge Easier Than the 75 Hard Challenge?

The 75 Hard Challenge mandates that members rigorously “follow a diet,” consume no alcohol, complete two 45-minute workouts every day (one outside, regardless of the weather), drink a gallon of water, read ten pages of motivational non-fiction each day, and snap a picture of their bodies every day.

75 Soft Challenge

  • This could set off potentially hazardous habits for anyone with any disordered relationship with food or exercise or for anyone who tends toward more compulsive behavior.
  • Taking daily “transformational” images strongly suggests a focus on appearance rather than wellness, even though the challenge explicitly states that it is for “mental toughness” rather than having to do with weight loss.
  • The 75 Soft Challenge promotes daily movement, includes active relaxation, and advocates reducing alcohol use rather than quitting it altogether.
  • The definition of “eating healthily” is far broader than it is restrictive, and Stephen always includes a range of food categories in his meals.

How Are the Viral Challenges Being Discussed?

Others have said the 75 Hard Challenge might be distressing or that its rigor is unnecessary.

75 Soft Challenge

  • TikTok user: “When you want to complete it but have ADHD and eating issues, it’s probably a poor idea, and you’ll forget you’re finishing the challenge.”
  • Many who have done the 75 Soft Challenge love it as a way to jump-start a habit without feeling restricted. “Ah, a reachable and sustainable challenge!” someone commented. Another person said, “Or… enjoy things in moderation and get long-term results.”
  • Others have omitted food restrictions and substituted writing or mindfulness.

Andy Frisella developed a 75 diet regimen called the 75 Hard Challenge. These are the main guidelines for this challenge:

  • Follow any diet you like, but make sure it has a well-defined plan with a focus on physical improvement. Alcohol and indulgent meals should not be allowed.
  • Two 45-minute workouts per day are required. The first should be carried out inside, and the second outside.
  • Every day, sip one gallon of water.
  • Each day, take a progress photo.
  • Every day, read 10 pages of a book, preferably non-fiction. Unfortunately, audiobooks do not count.

In 2020, news of Andy Frisella’s 75 Hard extreme challenge surfaced. The free “transformational mental toughness program” has 6 complex rules to obey for 75 days.

The 75 Hard Challenge was established by RealAF’s podcast host, who, as far as we could tell, has no medical training.

Daily Rules for 75 Hard Workers: the 6

  1. Follow a diet & consume no alcohol.
  2. Complete Two 45-minute workouts and one has to be outside.
  3. Eat no cheat meals
  4. Take a progress picture daily
  5. Drink 1 gallon of water
  6. Read 10 pages of a personal development book (audiobooks don’t count)

Can 75 Hard Be Modified?

According to Andy Frisella, the 75 Hard Challenge’s designer, you cannot alter it.

If you don’t follow the six rules to a T, you start over on Day 1! Remember that he came up with all of these regulations.

According to our research, most dietitians, personal trainers, or therapists would consider this excessive. The challenge can make your physical and mental problems worse than they were, to begin with!


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Aarif Kapur
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