7 Women and a Murder Ending Explained: Did Marcello Plot to Kill Himself?

7 Women and a Murder Ending Explained: “7 Women and a Murder” is an Italian thriller mystery film that is somewhat fun and entertaining to watch, even if it does not leave any effect by the end.

On the morning preceding a Christmas family feast, Marcello, the patriarch of the family, is found stabbed to death with a knife in his back. Seven women connected to him and the rest of the family are now suspects in each other's eyes.

The plot of “7 Women and a Murder” tries to do too much at times, and the introduction of some plot points seems to serve no purpose other than to confuse the audience. In this article, we will try to clear the confusion created at the end. So, here is the Ending explanation of the 7 Women and a Murder.

7 Women and a Murder Plot Synopsis

Susanna, the daughter of wealthy businessman Marcello, returns to her hometown for Christmas at the beginning of “7 Women and a Murder.” When she gets to the family's estate, Maria, the new maid, welcomes her. Susanna first sees her grandmother Rachele again & then she meets her mom, Margherita.

Susanna soon meets her aunt Agostina & younger sister Caterina at the breakfast table. The ladies catch up over breakfast while chatting casually. Nonetheless, Agostina resents Caterina for making her lose sleep by leaving the lights on all night.

However, Margherita has already given Maria orders to get Marcello up & about for breakfast. Even though they've been married for almost 25 years, Margherita & Margherita no longer sleep in the same bed. Upon entering Marcello's chamber, Maria discovers him lifeless.

Caterina is asked by the woman in the house if her father has indeed passed away & the atmosphere becomes solemn. Caterina suspects murder when she finds Marcello with a stab wound to the chest. For this reason, she closes the door so no one can tamper with the crime scene. The women try to contact the authorities, but the phones are dead.

7 Women and a Murder Ending Explained

As time goes on, the women begin to distrust one another, assuming that one of them must be the killer. Margherita informs the group that she & Marcello were having marital problems & Rachele reveals that Marcello was having money difficulties.

While Susanna is trying to piece together the events leading up to Marcello's murder, she learns that before he died, Marcello had asked Rachele for her stocks so that he could preserve his firm & that Agostina was secretly in love with her brother-in-law.

Margherita gets in her car & heads to the police station to report her husband's death. The car's engine has been modified, however. Veronica, Marcello's high school sweetheart, shows up at the mansion right as Susanna begins her investigation.

Margherita accuses Veronica of murder & admits that she & Marcello have resumed their romance. When a snowstorm prevents Veronica from leaving the house, the women are trapped inside together & begin to suspect each other of murder.

Fake evidence is found to divert suspicion away from Margherita & Veronica & Caterina comes to the conclusion that someone is trying to blame the women, one by one, for Marcello's murder. Each woman discusses what she did the night before, yet none of them can be really forthright.

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Caterina decides that the lack of information about the murderer is due to their secrets. Therefore, the seven women must come clean one by one. The rest of the story revolves around whether or not the women discover the killer by following the trail of secrets.

7 Women and a Murder Ending Explained

As the investigation progresses, it becomes apparent that all ladies wanted the man murdered for different reasons. But nobody had the nerve to carry it out themselves. As the women continue to talk, they learn more personal details about one another.

Margherita comes clean about having an affair & Sussana announces her pregnancy among many other personal information. Whereas the others all claim to have been in the room where Marcello died at various points during the course of his life.

The whodunnit story became increasingly complicated after this string of confessions & it ended with a twist nobody saw coming. According to Maria & Caterina's arguments, the man's death may not have been a homicide.

The man, who was in poor health & experiencing financial difficulties, had actually staged his own death so that his fortune would go to the person he considered most deserving of it. It turned out that the man's daughter, who had been suspected of being a victim, had really assisted him in carrying it out.

After learning that her mother was having an affair, she volunteered to help her father fake his own death as a means of exacting revenge on the other ladies. All the women eventually storm Marcello's chamber, where they find him dead by suicide.

And has indeed passed away. The setting abruptly shifts to the scene of a crime, where the female witnesses provide the detective with the essential data while leaving out the rest.

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This tale is a warning against the destructive power of envy & the extent to which individuals will go to safeguard what they feel is theirs. The man's infidelity & his family's greed drove him to fake his own death & had a crucial role in the events that followed, highlighting the necessity of trust & communication in relationships.