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6 Easy Ways to Instantly Look More Fashionable

You don't have to follow the latest trends, learn intricate style techniques, or spend a fortune on clothing to look put together. Elevating your appearance can be as simple as putting on a pair of sunglasses, layering your clothing, or wearing your shirt untucked.

Your attitude toward an outfit is just as important as the clothing and accessories you choose to wear. Even if a particular ensemble makes you self-conscious, you should walk with your head up, acting like it's something you rock on the regular!

All it takes to add that extra flair to your look is a few tweaks to your choice of clothing and the way you carry yourself. Here are 6 simple tips to make you look more fashionable in an instant.

Pay Attention to the Tiniest Details

Believe it or not–even the tiniest accessory, such as a vape, can make or break your outfit. Before you try vaping, take into account functionality, price point, and looks. A simple, stylish vape that can fit in your pocket is always preferred over a bulky one.

An additional aspect you should factor into your decision-making is jewelry. Stick to pieces made of the same material and avoid ones that clash, such as gold and silver.

The bag you carry is also important. You cannot wear a glittery purse to a casual outing or a backpack to a formal event. The same goes for shoes–avoid informal pairs like sneakers for fancier events and stick to your regular kicks for a coffee hangout with friends.

When you think about it, every choice you make regarding your outfit can change it as a whole. As such, choosing each item tactically is a must. We recommend you plan the night before instead of doing it last minute–it’ll take some of the pressure off.

Follow Trends

Maintaining your trendy status requires following this advice. In addition to making you more approachable, following the latest fashions may boost your self-esteem. Simply put, you will be instantly trendy.

By experimenting with various approaches, you may learn a lot about yourself and eventually settle on a signature style. It gives one a feeling of identity and, in turn, molds one's character. Plus, keeping up with the latest fashion trends will make shopping a breeze and greatly simplify your life.

If you want to be up-to-date with current fashion, you don't have to guess someone’s style anymore. Just follow the crowd. You'll probably make a good impression on the individuals you meet, giving you a foot in the door.

Clothes That Fit

Hiring a skilled tailor is an easy way to improve the appearance of any piece of clothing. Clothes that have been expertly tailored look better and feel better.

Neither baggy pants nor bulky dresses will make you seem fashionable. If your capsule wardrobe is well-tailored, you may experiment with over- and under-sized pieces without looking or feeling sloppy.

Buy for Multiple Occasions

Turn on your creative side. If you need new clothing for an upcoming event, consider investing in pieces you can wear several times.

Sure, you can always wear something you already own. However, purchasing a new vest or formal pants will elevate your look drastically. Plus, there are both items you can wear on a casual night out and for a more official event.

Balance Proportions

The art of proportional styling is all about arranging your garments to create an aesthetically pleasing whole. You may do this by dressing in garments tailored to your specific physique. Make a statement with big or unconventional pieces by keeping the rest of your outfit slim and tailored.

For example, you can combine a tight crop top with wide-leg jeans or a puff-shoulder shirt with straight-leg slacks.

Don’t Buy It Simply Because It’s on Sale

We all love spotting a clearance at a store. However, most items on sale are leftovers that didn’t capture many people’s attention, thus the drastic discount.

When you buy in bulk because there’s a sale, you spend money on something you could have done without. Many individuals shrink their budget by wasting it on clothing deals they don't necessarily need.

If you prioritize inexpensive clothes above fashionable ones, you can miss out on some fantastic new finds. So, buy yourself something practical and beautiful with that extra cash you’ll save by skipping the clearance aisle!


Most individuals overestimate the effort required to keep up with the latest trends. Only regularity and self-control will get you where you want to go. Beads may be fun to experiment with, and you can transform a few simple garments into something spectacular with a little effort.

You can purchase all the clothes you want. But don’t just wear them–‘own’ them. Give yourself time to get used to the character that wears the clothes, and you will instantly look more fashionable.


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