50 Cent Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Have?

American rapper, record producer, actor, and businessman 50 Cent. With the release of his debut album “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” in the early 2000s, he became a household name around the world thanks to smash tunes like “In Da Club.”

His follow-up albums, such as “The Massacre,” also did rather well. 50 Cent has sold millions of CDs around the world because of his signature style, which combines violent lyrics with catchy choruses. His impact, however, goes far beyond the realm of music. In this article, we will read about 50 Cent's Net worth in detail. Keep reading to know more.

Who Is 50 Cent?

50 Cent is a popular American rap artist. Curtis James Jackson III (aka “50 Cent”) was born on July 6, 1975, in Queens, New York City. His mother, a drug dealer named Sabrina, brought him up in the South Jamaica area.

Jackson lost her at the tender age of 8. 50 Cent's grandmother took him in and nurtured him. He started distributing drugs after school when he was just 12 years old. His attempt to carry firearms and drug money into his high school in the tenth grade resulted in his arrest.

50 Cent Net Worth

In 1994, he was arrested once more for selling cocaine to an undercover police officer, and once more when heroin, crack cocaine, and a gun were discovered during a search of his residence. Following his six months of mandatory military service, he received his GED.

Quick Facts about 50 Cent

Full Name Curtis James Jackson III
Birth Place South Jamaica, New York, United States
Date Of Birth 6 July 1975
Height In Feet and Inches – 5′ 11″
Weight In Kilograms – 93 kg
Eye Colour Dark brown
Hair Colour Black
Education Andrew Jackson High School
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Kids Marquise Jackson, Sire Jackson
Profession American rapper

What Is 50 Cent Net Worth?

According to Celebrity net worth, 50 Cent has an estimated net worth of $40 million. He has diversified his revenue streams by acting in movies and investing in businesses in addition to his rapping.

He has made about $250 million throughout the course of his career. However, many sources claim that the rapper's wealth has been steadily declining over the past few years. His success in the music industry, on the road, with endorsement deals, and in other businesses are the sources of his wealth.

Other Business Ventures

50 Cent has done a lot in a short amount of time, including starting the record label G-Unit, a clothing line with the same name, and acting in multiple films alongside giants like Al Pacino and Robert Deniro.

In 2012, he started the marketing company The Money Team to promote boxing events. In exchange for being their celebrity spokesman and providing his name for the “Formula 50” drink, 50 Cent secured a minority ownership in Vitamin Water.

Coca-Cola paid $4.1 billion in 2007 to acquire Glacéau, the company behind Vitamin Water. The sale of Vitamin Water is said to have netted 50 Cent nearly 10 times more money than he had made from his music career combined up to that point.

50 was rumored to own 10% of Vitamin Water, which would have netted him $410 million before taxes. Investment bankers with knowledge of the sale later hinted that 50's ownership was closer to 2.5%, therefore this figure was generally disregarded.

50 Cent could have made $100-$150 million (before taxes) on the sale of a 2.5% interest.

Let's Take a Look at 50 Cent's Career

In his basement, he began to hone his rapping skills. He learned from Jam Master Jay the fundamentals of songwriting, including how to construct bars, choruses, and the like. Jackson's first album, titled “Power of the Dollar,” was released in 1999 after he signed with Columbia Records.

The publication of his single “How to Rob” was a turning point in his career. Artists of note at the time took notice of it. 50 Cent was attacked outside his home the year his album “Thug Love” was released, in 2000.

Nine bullets were fired at him before he was rushed to the hospital. It would have been a miracle for anyone to survive those wounds, but this person did. He recovered after six months and began to wonder if his existence had any meaning at all.

She found great motivation in meeting Eminem the same year he did. Following that, he dropped other albums. As a business owner, he made a lot of money. His album “Get Rich or Die Trying” was released in 2003.

50 Cent Net Worth

His fame spread all across the globe. In its first four days of release, it soared to the top of the Billboard charts and sold nearly a million copies. “The Massacre” came out in 2005 and was the follow-up album. The success of his third “Curtis” album peaked that year, 2007.

Took second place on the Billboard 200. “Before I Self Destruct,” their fourth studio album, came out in 2009. His fifth studio album, “Street King Immortal,” was released in 2012 against his will owing to creative disputes.

There have been over 21 million sales of his studio albums. A greatest hits compilation titled “Best Of” was released by Interscope Records in 2017 as 50 Cent's final studio album. The 2008 fire at Universal destroyed many works, including those by 50 Cent.

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