5 Best Community Colleges in Michigan

Community colleges are a kind of postsecondary education. Community colleges are schools for people who already have secondary education. They provide studies for two years. The colleges have the purpose to prepare people for a higher degree of four years. In the USA, there are a lot of community colleges with over 12 million students in total. They help undergraduate students to get their degrees.

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What Are Top Community Colleges in Michigan?

Let’s look at the top list of the best Michigan community colleges in 2021.

Kalamazoo Valley Community College

This community college is situated in Kalamazoo. It has 5 thousand students in total with 21% of graduated students. The fee in the college is 6000 dollars. Evans and Finchem are the most known graduate students in the college. What does the college offer to its students? You can study education and criminal justice here. Other popular subjects include medicine and nursing. You can also enroll in engineering or computer science courses. Kalamazoo Valley Community College is the number one college in Michigan and the USA.

North Central Michigan College

The community college has a higher fee than Kalamazoo College. You will need to pay 7 thousand dollars to study here. There are one thousand students with a graduation percentage of 24%. The college is located in Petoskey. It also provides education and criminal justice studies. In the community college, you can find faculties of physics, medicine, and nursing. That is why it is a great option if you have studied medicine before. You will expand your knowledge with extra disciplines and get more professional skills.

Gogebic Community College

The college fee is also 7 thousand dollars. Yet, it has less than one thousand students with a graduation percentage of 30%. This means that more students can graduate successfully from this community college. The school is situated in Ironwood. It has a lot of well-known successful graduates. Some of them include Tesanovich, Borseth, Johnson, and Day. The community college offers a wide range of different disciplines. They also have education and computer science studies. At the same time, you can find faculties of business and law. Other options to study include maths and biology.

Muskegon Community College

This community college may seem quite expensive for an average student. You will need to pay 11 thousand dollars to study here. At the same time, the college involves three thousand students. And only 16% of them have successful graduation. This means that college is one of the most expensive and hard to study in. At the same time, it provides quality education for the best students. The college is located in Muskegon. It offers studies in education, criminal justice, engineering, and others. You can also enjoy medicine and nursing studies. One special discipline in the community college is communications.

Grand Rapids Community College

This college has a relatively small fee of 8 thousand dollars. It involves 8 thousand students with 17% of graduates. The college is located in Grand Rapids. It has a great number of successful graduates. Some of them include Powell, Dillon, Stinson, and Durham. There are five main subjects in the community college. They include medicine and nursing. Then, you can enjoy education and computer science studies. One special discipline in the college is criminal justice. At the same time, you will not be able to study biology or law here.

Benefits of Community Colleges for Students

Community colleges in Michigan are a great way to get your four-year degree. They help students get ready for the next studying level. Let’s look at the main reasons why you should go to a community college.

Postsecondary Education

Community colleges provide education for people who have secondary education. They have an opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills. Then they can go to the next studying level to get more experience. You can enjoy open access to the studying programs and get an international degree.

Vocational Education

In community colleges, you will mainly get professional knowledge. There are no extra subjects not related to your working field. The programs in community colleges include information needed for your future career. You will also have practical subjects. There, you will get the necessary skills to exercise your duties effectively. Professors will control your actions and help you to improve your skills. This provides a kind of experience for your future job.

Extra Disciplines

You will have no compulsory extra subjects in community colleges. At the same time, there are voluntary disciplines. You can attend them for your pleasure. For example, you may get language studies and courses for free. There are also extra disciplines to train your professional skills more. Other programs include sports or cultural clubs. So, you can develop your professional and life skills for free. You will both get knowledge and have fun at the same time.

So, consider the fees and the subject you want to continue studying. Choose the best community college to get your post-secondary education in Michigan.