25th Hour Based on the Novel 25th hour

Are you ready to read about a movie based on the famous novel, 25th hour is a 2002 American film directed by Edward Norton and directed by Spike Lee. The 25th Hour narrative is about a man's last 24 hours of freedom as he is preparing for a jail sentence of seven years for narcotics. It is adapted by David Benioff in his own novel The 25th Hour. 

Summary of 25th Hour 

An automobile hits the street of New York City shortly, and Monty Brogan goes out to see a dog on the road with his companion Kostya. Monty wants to shoot him but changes his mind once he looks at it. The animal could have been mauled in an eye battle. Monty chooses instead to bring the dog to the neighbouring clinic. In 2002, Monty will be serving a 7-year jail term for dealing with narcotics a few years later.

On his last day of freedom, he sits in a park with Doyle, the dog he saved. In a club with his lover Naturelle Riviera, he planned to meet boyhood pals Frank Slaughterty and Jacob Elinsky. Jacob is an introverted high school teacher, with a crush on his 17-year-old Mary, one of his students, who is a shot trader at Wall Street.

Monty meets his father, James, a former burning and alcoholic recovery man with a bar, to clarify his intentions for the jail the morning thereafter. James helped to hold the bar with Monty's drug money, so a regretful James drinks while Monty goes to the restroom.

Facing Monty himself in the mirror, he slams everybody else in his mind: from the cabbies to the firsmen to the corner foods to the mobsters, all of the NY clichés he could think of, as though he hated everyone. Finally, he turns himself on and discovers that he's mad with greed and hasn't stopped drug trafficking before he was arrested.

Monty recalls the night he had been arrested in a flashback. DEA officers come while he is still there to Monty's apartment. You instantly locate the pills and not after a thorough search, implying that Monty was betrayed. For Uncle Nikolai, a Russian gangster, Monty supplied narcotics. Kostya tries to persuade Monty, since she knew where he was hiding his narcotics and money, it was Naturelle who transformed him into. Monty refused to reject Nikolai's proof, but he wasn't sure what Nikolai would do that night at that club.

Monty recalls how when she was 18, she met Naturelle, and how happy they were around her old school. He wants Frank to see whether he has been deceived by Naturelle.

25th Hour

Production Story of 25th Hour

In his studies at the University of California in Irvine, Benioff has finished his book The 25th Hour and has been published in 2001. A rough commercial edition was circulated six months before to the release of the novel that Tobey Maguire read, and he was intrigued in Monty Brogan's part. He got the possibility for a cinematic idea and requested Benioff to convert it to a script. 

However, Maguire was busy with the film and had to abandon the concept after he had completed the script, although he would later participate as a producer in this picture. Spike Lee was then interested in making the movie. 

Spike Lee was intrigued in Benioff's extended monologue as the Fuck Monologue, which Monty ran against the five New York boroughs, pondered leaving as he did not think it could have become dramatic, and Lee convinced Benioff to leave it in place. Disney took the rights to the film and wanted the monologue to be cut, but still, Lee filmed the sequence. 

At the time of the September 11 attacks, the movie was on the “plans” stage, thus Lee “decided not to disregard this tragedy but to incorporate it into his tale”.

How is it received?

Rotten Tomatoes' 25th Hour rating was 78% based on 175 reviews, with an average 7.22/10. The majority deems the picture “a smart and successful film in spite of the customary excesses of Spike Lee.”

Wrapping Up

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