Michigan/Purdue Reaction & the Current State of Michigan Basketball

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So what the hell happened at the end of the Michigan vs Purdue game? I’ve slept on it and I still have not fully figured that out.

Let me start by saying that normally I’m the reasonable guy in the room who doesn’t blame the refs. But what happened at the end of that game was just wrong. The refs put the outcome of an incredibly good game in their hands instead of letting the players decide who would win the game.

Let’s start with the overturned out of bounds play. Was the ball off of Charles Matthews? I think so…but how does a 5 minute replay signify that the refs had conclusive evidence to overturn the call on the court? That just doesn’t make sense to me.

Ok, so now Purdue has the ball with 5 seconds left and they throw it into Haas down low. The refs call a foul on Wagner that sends Haas to the free throw line to win the game. This call bothered me more than the out of bounds call. With 5 seconds left in a tie game this foul call cannot be made. It was soft, weak, and just horrible officiating.

Did Moe have him hooked a little bit? Yes. But Moe didn’t turn him and he made a fantastic play on the ball. To decide a game on a ticky tac foul is so wrong in my opinion.

Here is the foul call.


State of Michigan Basketball

Michigan is currently sitting at 14-4 overall with a 3-2 conference record. A tough game in East Lansing looms this weekend.

Michigan is light years better than they were 2 months ago and they will continue to get better. The only guarantees in life are death, taxes, and John Beilein’s team getting better throughout the season.

Anyone who is panicking right now…..stop. Michigan may not win the conference this season but this a tournament team and a very dangerous one in my opinion.

With the improved play of the freshmen and a healthy team down the stretch, Michigan will be fine.


Play the Freshmen

I don’t disagree with many things that Coach Beilein does. But the time is now to make some lineup changes. Isaiah Livers is out performing Duncan Robinson is every facet of the game and has earned not only the starting spot, but also considerably more minutes than D-Rob.

Speaking of freshman…..what’s the deal with Jordan Poole? I get that he plays behind MAAR and Matthews but the kid needs more minutes. Michigan is a better team when he is on the floor.

Last night he scored 8 points in 7 minutes and Michigan looked like a more comfortable team when he was out there. If it means taking a few more minutes from MAAR and Matthews to get Poole out there more, then so be it.


The Seniors have to be better

What is one trend in all 4 of Michigan’s losses this season? MAAR and Duncan have played poorly. Michigan needs their seniors to be better in big games.


Final Thoughts

Two months into the season and I am confident that this Michigan squad can play with any team in the country.

If the seniors step up and Beilein makes the necessary lineup changes, I think this season can be special. As for right now, a win against Sparty this weekend would be huge for this team.

Michigan fans. Relax, enjoy the year, and let’s see how the season plays out. This is a really good Michigan team.



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