Michigan Football Needs a Change in Offensive Philosophy Going into 2018 Season

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Michigan’s football season came to an end about a week ago on New Years Day against South Carolina. In a game where Michigan had a 19-3 lead, the way they lost left many Michigan fans confused and angry.

There were multiple problems and mistakes made by Michigan in their Outback Bowl defeat. But the one constant theme that we saw all year with this team, is the painful struggle on the offensive side of the ball.

Michigan, as has been the case all season, failed to find any consistency on offense. Brandon Peters looked lost at the quarterback position, receivers continued to drop passes, and there was confusion in terms of substitutions and personnel.

For a program that finished 105th in the nation in total offense, some changes need to be made. Here are some things Michigan can do to make sure their offense is improved going into next season:


Simplify Personnel

Anyone who watches Michigan football probably realizes that Michigan uses a lot of different personnel groupings on offense. It’s a reason why Michigan is a well-coached team and hard for other teams to prepare for. However, it seemed to play against them at times this season.

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There were many times where Michigan had to use unnecessary timeouts this season because they were either late getting the right guys onto the field, or they just had the wrong personnel on the field in general (as what happened with the Mckeon fumble in the bowl game).

With a more experienced offense, Michigan might have been able to handle everything the coaches were throwing at them. However, with so much inexperience, it seemed to hamper the offense and cause too much confusion.



Another noticeable trend within the Michigan offense this season was predictability. With so many one and two wide receiver sets, good defenses were able to stack the box and shut down Michigan’s run game.

Look around college football and see what a successful offense looks like. So many of these teams have speed players who can get to the perimeter.

In today’s game, you simply have to be able to spread teams out, stretch them in the passing game down the field, and use your speed to get to the outside on defenses.

Michigan can still use some of their pro-style principles, but changes must be made in some respects in order to pick apart good defenses on a consistent basis.

With an allusive, dynamic quarterback like Shae Patterson coming in, who hopes to gain eligibility this season, it would be a perfect time to tweak some things on offense in order to fit his style of play.


Change at Offensive Coordinator?

Many Michigan fans have called for Tim Drevno to be fired. It’s been almost a week since the season ended, and that news hasn’t come yet. Fans shouldn’t expect it to come either.

Drevno has been coaching with Harbaugh since 2004, outside of the 2013 season. It would be hard for Harbaugh to cut that tie, and I don’t see it happening. Dan Enos was just recently hired, but he isn’t expected to take over any type of play-calling duties.

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No matter who calls the plays, one thing is clear. Michigan needs to make some changes in what they do on the offensive side of the ball.

With so many players returning, and with a great defense, Michigan could quickly become a title contender if the correct adjustments are made offensively going into next season.




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