Matt Patricia likely to be the next Detroit Lions Head Coach

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A New Beginning

When the Detroit Lions fired Jim Caldwell on the first of the year, it signified sudden change. It was more than the Lions tweeting “New year, new me” for all of their follows to see and ignore. More than trying desperately to shed the SOL (Same old Lions) cloud that has forever been over their head. It was something more. Exceptionally more.

When the Lions fired Caldwell, it showed their expectations were raised. This time for good. As Lions fans, this is something we’ve never really seen before. Firing a coach after a winning record in 4 years? After making the playoffs in 2 of those 4 years?

That’s unheard of in Detroit. Yet General Manager Bob Quinn did the unthinkable, and moved on from their winning-est head coach since 1972.


So where does that leave us?

According to multiple reports, the Detroit Lions have found their man in New England Patriots’ defensive coordinator Matt Patricia.

This is not a huge surprise as many have speculated Patricia was the lead candidate for Bob Quinn since he took over in 2016. Quinn, of course, has ties to Patricia since he was the on the New England staff from 2009-2015.

If hired, he would become the first coach ever hired from the New England Patriots to be the Head Coach of the Lions. More than that, he would be the first defensive coordinator hired since Jim Schwartz in 2009.


How he fits with Detroit

Unlike Jim Caldwell, Matt Patricia runs a 3-4 defense. This would be a dramatic change to a team who has run a 4-3 for the majority of it’s existence. Due to this, many players will likely be asked to do things they aren’t used to doing (in coverage, gaps, assignments) and could spell a change in personnel on this defense next year.

On the offensive side of the ball, it is still unclear what Patricia would have in store. Since Matthew Stafford has voiced his support in keeping Jim Bob Cooter (and given his success in his scheme) it is a possibility that he retains him as OC. This would be completely up to Patricia however, Bob Quinn has made that much clear.


Final Thoughts

Matt Patricia would be welcomed with open arms in Detroit as his storied success and his work ethic are unmatched by other candidates. Obviously there are going to be pro’s and con’s with every canidate, but just take a look at the Patriots PPG allowed since Patricia took over:



If you aren’t convinced yet, just take a look at this article from 2016. You’re welcome.



About Tyler Bostedor

Tyler Bostedor is a Detroit Lions editor and author at Michigan Sports Zone. Follow him on twitter: @MSZBostedor

Tyler Bostedor

Tyler Bostedor is a Detroit Lions editor and author at Michigan Sports Zone. Follow him on twitter: @MSZBostedor

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