Why Michigan is just a QB away from Success

The Michigan Wolverines finished the regular season at 8-4, which isn’t what most fans expected this year. What made it bad is who we lost to. MSU, PSU, OSU, and Wisconsin. What these losses came down to was the lack of offense that our team had.

Starting quarterback Wilton Speight got injured in week 4 against Purdue. The offense was experiencing struggles with Speight in, but it definitely did not get any better when John O’Korn came in and ran the offense.

Michigan had no problem getting into the red zone, but after that they would stall out, and call on kicker Quinn Nordin to put 3 points on the board for them. This came down to the defenses not respecting our passing game, and putting 8 in the box and stopping our run game in the red zone.

John O’Korn

956 yards, 2 TD’s, 6 INTS. These are just some of John O’Korns stats. They are awful. John still managed to win some games that he started in (losing the 3 biggest though.) O’Korn starred down receivers all year, didn’t throw to his check down routes unless absolutely forced to do so, and was turnover prone on every drive that the offense took the field. The receivers were getting open, the line was blocking great, and the running backs were hitting holes hard and keeping us in the games that John struggled in.

Brandon Peters

Peters had a far better year than O’Korn did. 486 yards, 4 TD’s, 0 INTS. Peters hit the open guys when they were open, got out of the pocket when he needed to, and opened up the run game a lot more, because the defense respected the pass. And when Peters was in, we were beating teams we were supposed to beat, by a lot!

Shea Patterson?

Rumors are surrounding Ann Arbor that the #1 QB recruit in the nation, and #3 overall recruit in the nation in 2016 is coming to Michigan. Patterson was a stud at Ole Miss in his short time there. In the games that he played before he was hurt, he played outstanding. MSZ has been reporting for days that believe that it is almost certain that Patterson will be in the Maize and Blue next season.  And in my opinion, he would be a real game changer to this team, and program.

It’s time to be excited

With recent transfers from Wilton Speight and Alex Malzone, this really opens the QB position. Will it be Brandon Peters? Dylan McCaffery? Joe Milton? Will Shea Patterson transfer and get the job? We will only know next fall. But in my opinion, whoever Harbaugh puts behind center, I am fine with. He knows more about football then any of us do, and he is going to put the best man for the job back there. Peters being a freshman this year and playing like that? Kids gonna be great. And if somebody starts over him, I can’t imagine how good they are going to be.

Joe Horne

About Joe Horne

Dexter High School student 👨‍🎓 who’s looking to get his voice heard into the sports world.
Joe Horne

Joe Horne

Dexter High School student 👨‍🎓 who’s looking to get his voice heard into the sports world.