Michigan Basketball Game 10 Recap: Ohio State

michigan ohio state basketball recapCredit: AP Photo/Jay LaPrete

Michigan 62 Ohio State 71


The Michigan basketball team had a horrendous night against Ohio State on Monday. Beilein’s squad blew a 20 point first half lead and left Columbus with way more questions than answers.

Michigan started the game on fire. They were hitting their shots, rebounding, and playing fantastic defense. With 1:34 left in the first half, Moe Wagner hit a three to give Michigan a commanding 43-23 lead. What happened over the next 21 minutes play was tough to watch. Michigan was outscored 48 to 19 and was dominated in every facet of the game.

Ohio State withstood a late Michigan run and the Buckeyes hung on to complete their comeback.


Game Notes

  • Despite playing in 29 minutes and scoring 19 points against Indiana, Jordan Poole only played in 8 minutes against Ohio State and was nowhere to be found when it really mattered down the stretch. He did take advantage of his minutes though scoring 5 points and playing extremely aggressive. Michigan fans were a little confused to say the least by the lack of playing time from Poole.


  • Speaking of playing time, Michigan’s starting PG, Eli Brooks, only got 13 minutes despite scoring 8 points and shooting 3-5 from the floor. Again, I don’t really have a reason for this either.


  • The seniors have to be better. Michigan’s two starting seniors, (Duncan & MAAR), combined to shoot 4-17 from the field and both really struggled on the defensive end.


  • Michigan clearly does not have a rotation that they are comfortable with. They had four starters play in 30 or more minutes, and Michigan still played 11 guys last night. That mean’s may too many guys are getting 5 or so minutes a game.


  • I wasn’t going to put this in my game notes but I thought the exchange was so weird that I had to mention it. In the first half, Ohio State PG Andrew Dakich was seen high fiving the ref. No, I don’t think the game was rigged. And I actually thought it was kind of funny. The call actually went Michigan’s way. But the exchange was just something you never see and I thought it looked terrible. Funny….but terrible.


You can be the judge:



Player Notes

Moe Wagner- Moe had his worst game of the season. He did finish with 14 points and 9 rebounds but his second half performance was bad. He was 0-6 shooting in the second half with 3 turnovers. That just can’t happen from your best player.

Duncan Robinson- So remember how I said that this was Moe’s worst game of his season? Well for Duncan, I think this was the worst game of his career at Michigan. 30 minutes of play, 1-7 shooting (1-5 from 3), 2 rebounds, and one of the worst defensive showings I have ever seen.

MAAR- As you can tell, nobody really had a great game. MAAR was no different. 3-10 shooting in 37 minutes just doesn’t cut it from your senior.

Charles Matthews- 2 straight poor games from Matthews in the only two Big Ten games should have fans a bit worried. I thought Matthews just tried to force it a bit too much. 2-9 shooting from you best scorer does not result in wins. I think that’s obvious.

Eli Brooks- I can’t say enough good things about this freshman. He started the game, only played in 13 minutes (yuck), but he balled out when he was in there. He plays with the confidence that I wish the rest of the team played with. 8 points tonight for Brooks on 3-5 shooting. Had he played more down the stretch, this could have been a different game.

Bench- Zavier Simpson had his best game in a while. He played starters minutes and finished with 11 points on a really impressive shooting night (4-5).  I still don’t exactly understand the inconsistencies in how the point guards are being used, but either way, it was a nice night for Zavier.

The rest of the bench combined to score 11 points with no real standouts. I guess Jordan Poole looked good but once he made a nice play it seemed like he was always pulled from the game. His minutes played just baffles me.


Player of the Game

Player of the game goes to………Moe Wagner??

We’ll give it to Moe based on his stat-line alone. But this is a prime example of how the box score never tells the full story.

Moe finished with 14 points, 9 rebounds, and 2 steals.


MSZ Proposed Lineup Changes

Let me be perfectly clear here. John Beilein is a top 5 coach in college hoops. And by the end of the season, I fully expect Michigan to be a good team. Also, I understand that John Beilein gets paid 2.5 million dollars a year to make lineup decisions. But we can’t act like coaches don’t make lineup mistakes. I’ll give some examples.

  • John Beilein started Matt Vogrich over Nik Stauskas.
  • He also started Jordan Morgan for 90% of the season over Mitch McGary.
  • And lastly, he started Zavier Simpson over Eli Brooks this season and quickly realized that it was a mistake.


Coaches are not perfect. I do not see what happens during practice but I do watch every game. Here are 2 lineup changes that I think John Beilein should make right away.

  1. Duncan Robinson has to come off the bench. His defensive liabilities have never been so clear….oh and he’s not knocking down shots right now either. There are two ways you can make this happen. Either start Isaiah Livers in his place, or slide Matthews to the 4 spot and let Jordan Poole start at the 3. Jordan Poole needs more minutes, I think we can all agree on that.
  2. Have less people in the rotation. As Michigan sits right now, I don’t see what Ibi Watson or Jarron Simmons brings to the table. I think they are both getting too many minutes and it’s hard to find a consistency when so many guys are playing. It’s also important to note that Ibi Watson came into the game before Jordan Poole against Ohio State.


Not sure how that’s possible.


What’s Next?

Michigan will take on a very good UCLA team (7-1) on Saturday at home. The game will be a noon tip off and will be on CBS.

For any of you big ballers out there hoping to see LaVar Ball in Ann Arbor for the game, I have some bad news for you. It was reported yesterday that LaVar Ball has pulled his son LiAngelo out of UCLA.

This will be another tough test for the Wolverines. Expect some lineup changes and hopefully we’ll see a better performance out of Michigan.