Dantonio, MSU Fans Take Pettiness to a New Level

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“Let’s ban Outback Steakhouse.”

Believe it or not, that is what some MSU fans were saying when they found out that their team was “snubbed” from the Outback Bowl. Of course, the only reason they were upset was because the Outback Bowl chose Michigan over them. MSU will instead play in the Holiday Bowl on December 28 against Washington State.

Michigan State’s frustration might make sense, if, you know, these bowl games actually meant something. If there was a playoff berth on the line or something and Michigan was selected over them, then there would be reason to be upset. But we are talking about the Outback Bowl and the Holiday Bowl. Michigan State is making a big deal out of nothing again, just because Michigan is involved.

As they always do in East Lansing, the media baited Mark Dantonio with a question about Michigan being selected over them. Instead of just brushing the question aside, Dantonio said he would just “continue to focus on how he can beat Michigan.” Dantonio just couldn’t help himself.

These comments sparked a little bit of a back-and-forth between Harbaugh and Dantonio on twitter.

Harbaugh’s Tweet

It didn’t take long for Harbaugh to respond to Dantonio’s comment. He did so via twitter with a little bit of a sarcastic tone to it:

Harbaugh has never been afraid to fire back at a coach or member of the media that comments on him or his team, and he did that again here. Harbaugh takes a lot of criticism for his personality type, but he isn’t one to initially stir the pot. People like to take shots at him and his program, and there’s nothing wrong with coming back at people who do so to defend yourself and your team.

Dantonio, however, tried to get the last word in on with a tweet of his own, just after Harbaugh took his shot at him.

Dantonio’s Tweet

Dantonio has always had a snarky, arrogant attitude. A lot of people don’t notice it because he can get away with it being the coach at Michigan State. He’s not under the same microscope that Harbaugh is under. Any personality quirk that Harbaugh has is going to get exposed, while Dantonio can act however he wants without any consequence.

For those unfamiliar with where the above quote originated, Dantonio said this to the media after former Michigan RB Mike Hart referred to Michigan State as “little brother” in 2007. Dantonio makes it no secret that he has a true hatred for Michigan. Since that 2007 game, MSU has dominated the series.

The Rivalry is Very Well “Just Getting Started”

There is no denying that Michigan State has dominated this series within the last decade. However, it’s amazing that Michigan State can’t just take their run of recent success and be happy with that. Instead, they have to cry over spilled milk.

These types of feuds between coaches and fans are good for a rivalry though. Fans should be excited to see how the series plays out over the years between these two coaches. Because now we know, more than ever, that they really don’t like each other. And that’s how it should be.







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Seth Berry

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