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Former 5-star quarterback Shea Patterson has reportedly been granted permission to talk to other schools if he decides he wants to transfer from Ole Miss. It was thought for quite some time that the quarterback might transfer amid the Rebels issues with NCAA violations, and the recent bowl ban might have been the nail in the coffin.

According to, Patterson was the #1 quarterback and #3 overall player in the class of 2016. Patterson started 3 games his freshman year in which he threw for 880 yards and 6 scores with 3 interceptions. This year Patterson broke out, throwing for 322 yards per game and 19 touchdowns in 7 games before he went down with a season ending knee injury.

For the schools who are targeting Patterson, the standard transfer rules of sitting out a year might not be in play. A source close to Michigan Sports Zone claims that Patterson and his family are confident that he will receive a waiver from the NCAA that will allow him to play immediately, making a transfer for him the obvious move.

This will make a transfer that much more exciting for the school who lands him. First though, who are the schools in contention? As of now, reports indicate that there are really only 2 schools with a realistic chance at the stud quarterback.


Michigan Wolverines

Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines are the overwhelming favorites to land Patterson. A source close to MSZ confirmed this, saying that it is all up to whether or not Harbaugh wants to accept the transfer at this point. (Since this article has been published, we have heard mixed reports on this. Our source says that the ball is in Michigan’s court and if Harbaugh wants him, it’s a done deal. Other reports say that Patterson is still unsure. So as of right now, this part of the Patterson saga is unknown.)

This transfer would instantly launch the Wolverines into serious contention in the Big Ten. Not only would this give them something they lacked this year, solid QB play, but it would give them a star. Patterson’s family is also from nearby Toledo, OH which would make the move fairly easy for him. Don’t be shocked if Patterson is in a winged helmet next year.


UCLA Bruins (Update-Not Going To Happen)

Reports have linked Chip Kelly and his new team to the stud quarterback. This move would make sense considering they will lose star quarterback Josh Rosen. Being a dual-threat QB, Chip Kelly could turn him into an even bigger threat. The reports that UCLA is a serious suitor for Patterson aren’t around yet, but who knows what could come about once Patterson has a better idea of what he wants for the future.


Final Verdict

Michigan is the overwhelming favorite right now. Michigan would most likely become one of the favorites in the Big Ten East next year. The Tarik Black, DPJ, Shea Patterson trio could look very scary in 2018. This transfer story will likely be some of the hottest news in college football in the coming weeks and months.


Updates: (12/4/17)

  • Shea Patterson is “most likely” going to visit Michigan on the 9th, but don’t be shocked if he announces his transfer before then. That is per our source.
  • Based on all of the reports that we have gotten from our sources, our confidence level is now extremely high that Patterson will be playing for Michigan next season.
  • We are also very confident that Shea will be eligible to play right away next season if he transfers based on everything we have heard.


Update: (12/5/17)

  • We have no updates on any of the other Ole Miss potential transfers and visits. For that, you can check out our friend Brandon Justice over at the Wolverine Lounge. He has some great stuff out today about the potential transfers of WR Van Jefferson and S Deontay Anderson and their visits. With that being said, this will be our final update on the Shea Patterson to Michigan rumors until an announcement comes from him. We fully expect Shea to transfer to Michigan with an announcement likely in the next week or so per our source. Barring anything crazy, this is a done deal. You will read some stuff throughout the rest of the week from numerous people who are not as confident as we are that this is a done deal. That’s okay. They have their sources, and we have ours which we are extremely confident in.









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