Detroit Red Wings: 5 Takeaways from Week 2

Red Wings Week 2 Takeaways

Well, no game recaps this week. I feel like bashing on the team in each individual game would not do any good this week. If you happened to not see a game, you probably saved a lot of time. The Wings went 0-4-1, and nothing good came out of any of these games. So, lets dive into what needs to change for week 3.


The Red Wings are currently tied for the 5th worse face-off percentage in the league, running at 46.6%. Now this is the most alarming stat early in the season. When you are down by one with the goalie pulled, and you lose an offensive zone faceoff; it’s just so deflating. Plus, with the new rule change, you can not call a timeout on a icing late in the game. Yeah, there is a rule change on face-offs as well, with crossing the hash marks. Teams now have to be more cautious on draws, however, the team had a whole offseason to prepare.


The first week of the season was so promising for the powerplay. Scoring four goals with the extra man, and was a key factor to getting wins. The Wings have gone 1-17 in their last five games on the powerplay. That is no formula for making the playoffs, that’s for sure.


Dylan Larkin in his third season is third on the team in scoring. That may sound good, however, he only has one goal. A young star that seemed so promising, is just not finding the back of the net; and he needs to. He is winning over half of the face-offs he is taking, which is another bright spot. Although, he does lead the team in penalty minutes. In Buffalo, he took three penalties himself. How does he expect to score, when he’s knitting a blanket in the box 24/7?

Offensive Production

The goal differential for the season, is at -3. They are goalless in their last 101:32 minutes of hockey. A defenseman leads the team in points. Enough said.

Andreas Anthanasiou

Andreas Anthanasiou has finally settled with the Red Wings on a 1-year deal. He has his Visa approved and is back to the states. Now, the Wings need him. They need the speed, the energy, the hands, everything that he offers; to save this suffering team. The league is full of youth, speed and agility. The Wings are full of old, slow, outdated players. How will the Wings compete with teams like Toronto, who has Auston Matthews, William Nylander, Mitch Marner, and Morgan Reilly. The Wings, honestly, need AA. Even though he is not a top name player; he is crucial to the Wings turning the year around.



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