The Wolverines Aren’t Finished Yet

Michigan 10 Michigan State 14

As the “Go Green Go White” chants filled Michigan Stadium and Donovan Peoples-Jones sat on the goal line, something was very clear. These young Michigan players were all standouts in high school. They all only know about success and winning.

That’s why they came to Michigan, for the rich winning culture. But as Peoples-Jones and his fellow young teammates sat in shock while their rival celebrated on their field, they tasted something they aren’t used to. A kick in the mouth. A reality check.

Some people were led to believe that Michigan’s poor showings early in the season were just growing pains. They believed Jim Harbaugh would easily fix the mistakes, and a trip to Indianapolis was waiting for this team. But on Saturday, those people were treated with a large surprise: this team is not ready for the national stage. Yet.

This game was the biggest that a lot of these kids have played in to date. There’s no denying that this team is loaded with talent. Everywhere you look, you find a former 5 star recruit.

Now’s the time for Jim Harbaugh to step up. This is the most pressure he’s faced to win since coming to Ann Arbor. As the season progresses, Harbaugh is going to face more scrutiny than ever before.

Relax Everyone

After this loss, people have been so quick to write off the Maize and Blue. Here’s a message to the people who are freaking out about John O’korn: please relax.

He started one game and was asked to throw in a monsoon for a large part of the second half. Now, if he goes out against Indiana and lays an egg, then sure go ahead. Freak out, I’ll be freaking with you. But give him a shot.

That was the kid’s first start this year, and he was thrown into the in state rivalry under the lights right away.

Things won’t be easy, as road games at Penn State and Wisconsin loom. But have people forgotten that Michigan’s defense is one of the best in the country? Or that Quinn Nordin is a kicking God? Heck, we have Garrett Moores, the holder of the year.

If Harbaugh and his team want to make a statement that they are for real, there’s no better opportunity than the coming weeks.

The Response

Jim Harbaugh is about to endure maybe his biggest seven game stretch as a coach. We are going to see the maturity of this team but also the leadership of Harbaugh in the coming weeks.

If the Wolverines take this loss and make sure they never have that taste again, watch out. All this team needs is big win, and boom.

Regardless of what people are saying or feeling after the tough loss, people in Ann Arbor should still be excited. After all, Michigan still controls their season. It’s up to this team to decide who they are.

Maybe all the Wolverines needed was a punch from their little brother to realize who they really are.


Featured Image: Nick King, Lansing State Journal



Noah Starr

Noah Starr

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